Does anyone with gluten allergy also have a sleep issue?


Does anyone with gluten allergy also have a sleep issue? My son hasent always been the best sleeper and he still isn’t. He can go to bed at midnight and wake u at 6 am and be up all day or he can fall asleep at 8pm and sleep until 11 the next day. My question is does anyone have an issue ones they are asleep. He wakes up with periods of coughing and then he passes back our. He also has night terrors , really bad nightmares and he has slept walked a few times. Could this all be from the celiac or something else. He does see his pedi August 8th to discuss all of this.

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  1. I have celiac and chronic sleep disorder NOS but not sure if they are related. Following for more answers 🙂

  2. I also have been having sleeping problems, I recently gotten tested again for my thyroid but I’m sure it’s going to be negative as usual. I also wake up multiple times to pee which is still unsolved, they said they might do a sleeping study for me. So maybe try a sleeping study? I feel like he’s too young for the energy pill things like I know someone gave me one before for energy which is over the counter but still I hate having energy one day and exhausted the next so I feel his pain

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