Does anyone worry about using borax?


Does anyone worry about using borax? I haven’t consumed it yet, but use it around the house. So many people have told me I shouldn’t have it in the house as it’s bad for the environment etc. I know I have to buy it off ebay as shops don’t sell it here in the UK. But if lots of you guys are ingesting it surely it can’t be that dangerous. Is there anything I should be cautious about when dealing with the borax powder??

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  1. Iherb have a borax supplement 3mg or buy borax. Sometimes produce stores sell it as well in powder form. Prunes are high in boron.

  2. FACTOID: There are well over 100 threads on Borax. How many of them have you read recently. The Bid Daddy of all those threads is the first one, by Steve Terry, which has over 1,100 comments.

  3. I did a search on the group and I've read loads of them, but I still didn't find the answer I was looking for on if I should be careful on handling the powder, that was what I was primarily asking. I wanted to know if the dust from the powder could be harmful if breathed in.

  4. People worry about dust from powders. Do you use flour, corn starch , potato starch or baby powder with worry?

  5. I have tried searching again both borax and now Steve Terry, but I still can't see that post you mentioned. Maybe it's my phone??

  6. I've used Borax in my laundry for decades and have never worn a mask. But as with any other finely ground substance, it is not a good idea to inhale it.

  7. Thank you, that is reassuring, I shouldn't listen to other people I know, but when they are throwing links at me it just throws me off guard. I won't have anymore wobbles now!!

  8. For the Borax afficiandos amongst us, I got to this link via
    Photos > Albums > Borax folder 🙂

  9. My 81 yr old mom has a bone spur in her shoulder. Could I make a compress and have her apply it? Would that help?

  10. It is boron! That is not dangerous!

  11. I use it in my neti pot…it kills fungus! It replaces the fluoride accumulated in the bones with boron, as it should be.

  12. Where do you get capsules of it to take?

  13. You can't get borax in the laundry aisle at the grocery store? That's where we find it here.

  14. This article, posted the other day, is FULL of helpful information.
    If I remember correctly, harmful side effects of ingestion start at 30 GRAMS/60kg, the protocol is suggesting MILLIGRAMS (a fraction of a gram). The suggestions in the article even go up to 100 milligrams (for testosterone and other sex hormone distinction) without harmful effect.
    The article is long, and was easy for me to read as a clinical person, but has very useful information, with sources.

  15. My chiropractor and her husband a chemist drink borax water.

  16. You can get it in supplement form in the UK. Ask a pharmacist about it.

  17. thanks for asking what was in my brain! I want to keep learning!

  18. Not I; haven't keeled over yet.

  19. I am ingesting it while nursing and it has helped me and baby with candida/yeast/SIBO!

  20. No, not at all.

  21. Can you get it in a supplement bottle? What all does it help with?

  22. Don't eat the whole box at once. (LOL) I just take Boron capsules…

  23. I ingest the borax daily & have for several months. Introduced my friend to it & it's changed her life. Eased her arthritis pain enough that she can move her neck again & sleep at night. And it's cheap, cheap, cheap! My experience is the borax is more effective than the pills & you don't get the fillers that come with the pills

  24. So- Twenty Mule Team Borax should not be taken internally? It's all over the box to not ingest- I am a bit confused!

  25. I had it for a while until one day I mixed it with warm water and it got more concentrated. I ended up throwing up for three hours, thought I was dying.

  26. I mix a heaping teaspoon to a tablespoon in a quart of water and add 4 tablespoons of the mixture to my drinks almost everyday and have been doing so for maybe a year or so. My hands used hurt so bad I couldn't open jars or do a lot of other things. They now feel normal again….. I also have at least contained, if not killed off a lot of yeast in my system…..I used to break out on my skin with any fold with moisture…..I hardly ever have an outbreak now. I use a 20 year old box of 20 Mule Team Borax to make my mix.

  27. Lots Lee, thank you for this information.

  28. It sounds great but I just don't know if I can drink Borax.

  29. I got horrifically ill from just using it in a hot bath, so I'm not sure about drinking it

  30. I live in Wisconsin, the dairy state. We consume a lot of dairy products and arthritis and osteoporosis is common in the elderly. Why? People here don't get enough boron. Boron prevents loss of calcium from the bones into the urine. Borax is safe to ingest…boric acid is not. Some crops like broccoli and apples need a lot of boron in the soil to work along with calcium to build strong cell walls.

  31. Yes Carmen

  32. I use borax 3 years and I am very good

  33. I am in Australia – what brand Borax is advised please.

  34. Out of interest has anyone tried using it as a shampoo?

  35. Why is it bad for the environment?

  36. I tried washing my hair with it (but it is not a shampoo). Didn't see any benefit and if you're getting an HTMA it will really show super high boron in your hair.

  37. Thanks, good to know.

  38. I've heard great things. But the dose is MINIMAL. I got a crashing headache by indiscriminately tossing a pinch in food. Use this guide. A few drops of DILUTED borax is recommended.

  39. 287 comments already, so someone has probably already written this…

    I thought the same thing as you, but if you look at the dosage recipe, it's SO SO diluted, that I stopped worrying and tried it. Not to worry, just try it.

  40. I would not be without borax aka: sodium tetraborate. It's a mineral! Have been adding it to my water for over a year. It is wonderfully energizing!

  41. I would just be careful not to inhale the dust particles. I have put it in my bath with Epsom salts and baking soda.

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