Does celiac have a mental effect on your brian ?


Hi , my daughter was diagnosed this summer after a biopsi ! We’re slowly getting to grips with the new diet ! My question is does celiac have a mental effect on your Brian ? My daughter seems to suffer with a lot of anxiety, and what I can only call OCD symptoms! She is only 8 .

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  1. Sure. We are constantly conditioning ourselves to fear cross contamination. I have a son (9). We both have CD. It is a fine line between teaching him that he needs to be vigilant while also not becoming either a hypochondriac or germaphobe.

  2. Yes. With Celiac Disease, mood swings are extremely common. I was damn near suicidal before my Dx. It’s a mixture of the damage done to the body, inability to absorb nutrients and be healthy, pain and nausea, and a result of the autoimmune response.

  3. Yes, definitely.

  4. Ahh, answers!!! Thanks because my son was just diagnosed in September by biopsy as well, but my challenge is he is non verbal and doesn’t express himself. I have seen so many mood swings and a lot of anxiety and I’m seeing so many different professionals to offer this out. I feel so bad…

  5. Yes, I experience depression anxiety and intense mood swings from gluten

  6. I had anxiety for many years, even after going GF. But as my body is healing and I focus on eliminating sugar and excessive carbs, my anxiety has been reduced. It may take years, but be diligent!

  7. Yes. My daughter absolutely has more anxiety when exposed.

  8. She might be picking up on your anxiety as well. Good healthy fats help with anxiety. Good luck.

  9. Yes. Celiac disease is a neurologic disease and can effect mood and the brain in many individuals diagnosed.

  10. My wife says I am moodier than a pregnant woman who has no chocolate when I get gluten.

  11. Here is a document that I saved from the university of Chicago about a year or so ago.

  12. Depression and behavioral issues are very common with celiacs. Both my kids have depression, severe at times, and one has anxiety also.

  13. Its because you feel (at least I do) like you could die when you have been glutened and then for days after like someone drug your body under a closed door. Plus dehydrated so badly because you have lost everything from bother ends…then starving but scared to eat because sometimes for days it still gets rid of food quickly again and again. Then to think or make sense…that usually doesnt work well either for awhile. This is really the best way to put it for my symptoms. There are hundreds more symptoms other people get. Everything is very magnified!!

  14. I was just diagnosed with CD, but my 7 year old has been GF since he was 4. We noticed that early on intense tantrums, melt downs, no eye contact, anxiety and intense OCD. He even had a funny gate to his walk. I knew there was something wrong with him… going gluten free, dye free, and dairy free solved all his problems. We went off the wagon this summer hoping he had outgrown it all, but ended up in occupational therapy for him. We then decided to cut it all out again and BOOM, he was all better again…. we are working on getting him tested now too….

  15. Yes there is some research to indicate that this occurs. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder that can effect brain chemicals. Sorry but I forgot the source for this.

  16. Worrying about getting sick day after day before diagnosis is very hard on anyone, but especially on a kid who has no power over her own life at all.
    Now that she’s GF is she still having flares?
    I’d venture to say it’s still holdover anxiety from this spring/summer’s ordeal.
    Speak to her doctor about it, and also discuss with her about her newfound “power” over Celiac now that she knows what’s wrong and how she has the ability to protect herself.
    Reinforce her “power” daily and encourage her to tell you what she’s doing to keep herself feeling good.
    I went through all this at about the same time this spring/summer and it was really scary….and I’m 49!
    Best wishes to you and your little lady.

  17. My daughter is 15 got diagnosed 3 weeks ago they have encouraged me to take her to speak to someone.

  18. My anxiety levels greatly decreased after a few weeks on the GF diet. An amazing side benefit I hadn’t expected!!

  19. Yep, does affect the brain. Plenty of other symptoms too.

  20. Yes. By eight I was so nervous the colors in vogue then give me flashbacks when I see them now 60 years later. I had depression for 40 years until I was 51 that went away when I became gluten free. Menopause may have had something to do with it. Love your child. She needs to behave but love 💕 love 💕her. It goes a long ways confidence wise. The brain and the gut are exquisitely interactive.

  21. I was diagnosed with OCD at 16 and Celiac at 29… 100% connected…

  22. My daughter had sensory processing issues that have vanished since we went gf

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