Does chemotherapy cause the body to become more acidic?


Here’s a question. Does chemotherapy cause the body to become more acidic? I’ve heard that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. If chemo and rx drugs make the body acidic wouldn’t that actually encourage cancer to grow?

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  1. When my mom was in the hospital lying there dying from a major stroke I noticed someone had written a note warning the nurses to wear double gloves to protect themselves against the chemo. I was thinking to myself, hmm if the chemo is so bad for the nurses isn't it bad for a half dead patient too? So I'm reading that as my mom was dying and the chemo was still being injected into her body! I had to tell the nurses to stop the chemo. The nurses said they had to wait for permission from the Dr. to disconnect the chemo. I then spoke to the Dr. and she agreed the chemo should be stopped then said there's nothing more that could be done. Wow talk about a bunch of quacks! What a twisted sick health system we have!

  2. yes Brian-one reason good idea to eat, drink foods which alkaline the system if taking chemo. Baking soda is one good drink to include couple of times a day to aid in alkaline digestive system allowing up take of nourishment.

  3. Yes, in the long run, chemo is toxic to all living organisms.

  4. That's why chemo kills people.

  5. So true! thats why it causes secondary cancers!!

  6. Probably. Chemo is poison.

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