Does drywall have gluten in it?


So, strange question…does drywall have gluten in it? I just read that it does and we are starting a project and as you know when you sand drywall dust is everywhere…kind of like opening a bag of flour. Please tell me I’m wrong. Thanks!

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  1. Yes it does, and the spackle

  2. Sigh!!!! I wish I would’ve thought about this sooner. I could cry.

  3. It does, which is why when we get out main bathroom redone (demo to the studs needs to happen) I’ll be out of town on vacation while my hubs handles everything.

  4. My god we are surrounded!!

  5. Starch is in fact common as a binder in many building materials, including drywall and joint compound. … Nonetheless, these are people with serious medically recognized gluten intolerance and they are having a reaction to drywall. But that’s no more than one percent of the population, who have celiac disease.

  6. Yes, I got real sick when we were doing ours

  7. Never thought of it being in drywall.

  8. Most of it contains corn starch as a binder, but some brands may use wheat starch. So, its not a yes or no answer.

  9. Pls post the article

  10. Yes, when my husband did our remodel, I took my daughter with me to the grandparents. He covered all the furniture and had vacuumed and mopped like a mad man before we got home! What a guy!
    If you are doing drywall on your own, I would suggest covering furniture, running a shop vac as you sand, wearing protective clothing, gloves and a mask, and thorough clean up. As long as you don’t ingest it, you should be okay, if it’s due to Celiac Disease. But drywall is SUCH a pain to clean, I know. Maybe enlist friends for a clean up party?? Lolut drywall is SUCH a pain to clean, I know. Maybe enlist friends for a clean up party?? Lol

  11. Also, tile grout can also have gluten…

  12. The secret dangers in our homes.

  13. Yes, I took a week off of work when they were doing dry wall repairs.

  14. Yea, wheat is used in drywall

  15. Oh my goodness that’s why I’m sick. Moving into remodeled house dust everywhere.

  16. Well this explains why I was so sick during renovation. Sigh

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