Does everyone need to avoid gluten?


So if you are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and become hypothyroidism …does everyone need to avoid gluten…or if you have leaky gut?

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  1. No, not everyone with Hashimoto’s needs to avoid gluten.

  2. I thought it was a must

  3. There are many in the groups that push it along with bloggers but it is not a necessity unless you have Celiac disease or non Celiac gluten Sensitivity aka NCGS

  4. I’m not gluten or dairy free

  5. Most people who have leaky guts aren’t aware of this condition. 70%, according to some article I read. My doctor’s advice was to test it for myself, go a month without gluten and see how I felt, and then reintroduce it for a few days and decide. I opted to stay gluten free, as the introduction made me feel dizzy and very tired. I’ve been tested for celiac and I don’t have it.

  6. Yes no celiac just a must

  7. No it hasn’t been medically\nProven. Unless your celiacs you don’t need to avoid gluten

  8. Hashimoto’s IS leaky gut. You have to preferably avoid grains, not just gluten. I reversed all of my symptoms and lost 80 lbs. in less than a year going AIP Paleo. Usually you start out hypothyroid, then go Hashi. Something you’re eating is making you have leaky gut. AIP is 30 days of strict diet, then reintroducing foods (except gluten) to find your triggers. Most of the time, it is gluten. I can’t have corn, or nightshades either (onions, peppers etc.) Soy is another trigger for some. My daughter has celiac, and Type 1 diabetes. Chances are very good, that I too have celiac since it’s genetic.

  9. Definitey avoid gluten if you have leaky gut. Also, Celiac Disease is not the only indication for avoiding gluten. NCGS or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity is real.

  10. I have hashimotos primary and hypothyroidism secondary. Not sure about leaky gut. I don’t follow a diet which I’m sure I should due to being heavy now when I was skinny as a kid/teen.

  11. Gluten can be very inflammatory but some people do fine. Same with dairy. Try going without and then introduce it back and see how you feel. We are all so different it’s just not a one size fits all deal.

  12. Yes. Om glten dairy and soy free and I believe its imparitive. All the best hashimotos doctors say absolutely.

  13. Not an expert in the area. I have hashis and my doc told me to do gluten free. Gluten also showed up in my food sensitivities blood test. I just recently started AIP bc of all the other food sensitivities on my test ended up fairly consistent with foods to be avoided with AIP.

  14. Gluten inflames to gut of everyone. Look up wheat belly book. Inflamed gut may show up as many issues, skin, brain, sleep, cognitive impairment etc. when people say the test or celiac are only people who should be GF it’s not right. Antibodies are made by an autoimmune body and gluten, dairy and soy are the main culprits. Just my education on the matter.

  15. Hashimotos is the severity of Hypothyroidism. I’ve never been tested for celiac disease, nor I don’t think I need too because I feel so much better since going gluten-free. Brain fog, laziness, fatigue all went away. Gluten is bad for everyone, not just us who have Hashimotos. I agree with Caroline Merkel, gluten, dairy, soy are the main culprits. It just may affect people differently.

  16. Yes, you should be tested there are specific conditions they monitor you for like cancer. But whatever don’t tell people to just go GF because if their Dr tells them they need to test the Gluten challenge is not fun. You don’t self diagnose diabetes same goes for Celiac

  17. Your leaky gut is what caused you to get an autoimmune disease. You either have leaky gut/leaky brain are causes to autoimmune diseases. Look at you belly after you consume gluten foods. Does it swell up, do you get that full feeling, like your bloated. If so, go gluten-free for a month. You will feel much better.

  18. Most (but not all) CANNOT eat gluten if they have Hashi’s. It’s not about just how you feel!!! Gliadin, (the protein portion of gluten), looks a lot like thyroid tissue to the body. When it enters the bloodstream of a Hashi’s patient (and if you have an autoimmune disease that’s not in remission, you most likely have leaky gut, which allows this undigested protein to enter the bloodstream in the first place), it is identified as thyroid tissue by mistake, and your body creates thyroid antibodies, and starts attacking your thyroid, thereby worsening your Hashi’s condition. Check out Chris Kresser’s info on the subject.

  19. Many people who have hashimotos have a problem with gluten. Most of those people are NOT celiac. Non-Celiac Gluten intolerance cannot be Identified by any other mean than an elimination diet. Because a lot of people with hashis have a problem with gluten, it makes a lot of sense to do an elimination diet to find out whether or not you are one of those people.

  20. Leaky gut/brain does not cause you to have Hashi’s! And, not all people with Hashi’s have to be gf. I am so sick of this argument. Why do people insist that they speak for all people with Hashi’s? You do not speak for me. Yes, we have Hashi’s, but we are not all the same. I do not have leaky gut/brain, I am not gf, I do not have Celiac or NCGS.

  21. Sorry if I took too tough a stance here, folks! Original comment edited!

  22. You shouldn’t have to change what you wrote when there is so much truth in what you stated.

  23. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. The question was posed and I answered to the best of my ability. Don’t take it personally people. Just my personal experience and understanding. There will always be critics. Why not keep eating processed to the max foods and expect good health as a result? Well, common sense that’s why. I wish everyone could keep scrolling.😩

  24. I was diagnosed with hashi 3 years ago but was never told anything about gluten free etc until I saw a post about it on a friends wall, I did a lot of research and have gone to the paleo diet which has made me feel much better, I feel awful if I eat gluten I just never knew the association x

  25. I went gf in 2014 but went milk free in 2015 after realizing food was causing inflammation. I have no problem with gluten and actually feel better when I eat it but since I have food allergy to yeast and eggs most is off limits anyway. All those are easy compared to having a low salt diet less than 500mg a day. But I’m not sure leaky gut is a problem for everyone. And the biggest thing WE ALL NEED to do is to figure out our own triggers. It takes a long time to make changes but it’s a process….the road to better health!

  26. Quite a stretch to assume that people who chose to include grains in their diet are “eating processed to the max foods”. So presumptuous.

  27. All you actually have to do is ask people if they eat salt. The only way you can eat food without salt is not to eat “processed foods”. Seriously it’s very hard to find “fresh food” at any restaurant. It is actually easier, because I only go to meat, produce…and the dairy for coconut milk.

  28. Kay, I have Chiari status post surgery as far as brain, IBS for 40 years and lactose intolerance, fibromyalgia, hypothyroid diagnosed same year as fibro and that was before Chiari diagnosis, which is congenital, myocardial bridge over LAD, congenital, and yes, I believe Chiari had a lot to do with all of it except for the heart. I was fortunate to be around the right doctors who took care of me and definitely doing gluten free now, elimination diet, no soy, dairy. My naturopathic dr has Hashimoto’s and trying to get my gut back to get my thyroid back to kick in metabolism to lose weight. Everyone should be able to tell their story and support each other. I am 62 years old and thankful I do medical transcription because it has saved my life. Still here!! It’s all connected.

  29. I have went grain free for 30 days and I actually felt much worse than when I just ate my normal diet. I have never had issues with grains or gluten but figured I would give the whole gluten free thing a try. I pretty much went on a Paleo diet. Honestly, I felt lethargic, run down, and just “under the weather” while eating that way. I have since added grains back into my diet and now feel back to normal. So no not everyone with hashimotos has issues with gluten or grains. Just see what works best for you sweetie.

  30. I am IgA deficient which allowed me to develop the auto immune disease Hashimotos which caused me to be hypothyroid. I’ve been tested for celiac and allergies which didn’t show any food sensitivity. So based off that, I would say, not everyone has to go gluten free, although it isn’t good for you.

  31. How IgA deficient Kimberly Reece Jenkins? I have low IgA….

  32. I want to say that my last test said it was at a 4. I see an immunologist for it. He watches to make sure my other immunoglobulin levels stay good. The IgA deficiency allows me to catch everything and it takes forever to get over any sickness.

  33. Wow…mine is not that low. I just have been going through last 6 months of issues that lead me to believe that it is causing me to be worn out

  34. Good lord. Do what is right for you. Advice is great but take it and do what you need to. Nobody on here knows your body better than you. One may feel great gluten free, another veggitarian, another whatever, etc… It is what works for you. IMO, my opinion, not everything is bad glueten or not., veggie or protein or not.

  35. agreed…I just can’t figure out the right mix. I stopped by the health food store today and got a couple of supplements. I will try one at a time and see how that works. Can’t do too much all at once or you can’t figure out what helps. I also am coming off of a week in bed so need to be careful not to overdo

  36. Good luck. It can be …..agravating though.

  37. Well said.

  38. I love the advice etc…but it is up to the individual to do what is needed or not with it. 😊 this disease can be so confusing too.

  39. At the age of 62 and being diagnosed with everything at this point, I am under my naturopathic doctor’s protocol for thyroid diet and supplements for now, usually not this many, but weight is maxed out so thyroid medicine is not working and going to go with what she recommends and not my endo for now. I have been like a sponge listening to fat summit doctors free but almost expired who are all zoomed in on the same thing. Any time I hear two or more on anything like in prayer that’s what I aim for and seems to work!! Every body is different and our body definitely lets us know, one thing at a time. Be so careful with picking out supplements on your own. Needs to be as purely processed as possible. I am very gluten sensitive even though test was negative. Both people with IBS (40 years for me) and Hashimoto’s are very intolerant to whey protein, which I am, and eggs, which I could eat breakfast 24/7 but gut hurts!! Not worth the pain. Good probiotics and enzymes. Got to heal that gut. Please don’t wait as long as I did, and if you need some doctors to listen to, let me know. No stress (sluggish adrenal gland)??!! Typing medical transcription honestly saved my life and put the right doctors in my life just in time for my Chiari with the brain and heart abnormality, both congenital, and medical was my least favorite. Never say never in this lifetime!! Good luck to everybody. I’m so thankful we can share. Wish we had had this many years ago.

  40. Lisa, you are lucky you can still eat from all food groups and I hope to be able to add back to mine but following my dr’s orders for now. I’ve had lots of colonoscopies and endoscopies. Portion has never been a problem for me. I eat small portions and full. The more oil I’m adding to my diet like coconut and olive oil, less cravings. Sleeping better and haven’t slept for years because of fibromyalgia but all that is settling down, too, especially after Chiari surgery because it was restricting blood flow to my limbs and my neurologist who I typed for at the time ordered the MRI that found the Chiari and already knew the neurosurgeon right there in Longview, Texas, close to home. It’s been quite a journey. Thyroid controls so much, that one tiny organ. If it isn’t handled correctly, it can compromise your heart and brain, gee, thanks, on top of what is already going on with mine. Deep breath!! Keep your gallbladder as long as possible, had mine out when I didn’t have to, my choice. HIDA scan was normal but thought pain was radiating around to the front from it so I did. Really turned into a basketball after that. Okay, another story. My heart abnormality was discovered after going to dr for a cough that wouldn’t go away. Women’s symptoms are different, controlled with medicine, no stent so far, congenital too, like the Chiari and I’m the baby girl of six kids. Okay, another story, forgive me!!

  41. It was one of the first things I did. 6 months ago dxd after years of undiagnosed. I am feeling better and down 30lbs

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