Does hashimoto’s effect other hormone areas?


So I know thyroid is a hormone area…does hoshimotos effect other hormone areas? Ive probably not worded that right…
Ultimately….went to cardiologist for racing heart….they were basically checking out my heart murmer…but he thinks my hormones are causing my racing heart (and I liked the fact that his wife has hashi so he was very knowledgable about it) ….had a full hormone panel ran today…

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  1. Welcome to my life . I flip from hypo to hyper thyroidism because of hashis she could be having a flare

  2. My daughter has hashimotos and gets the heart flutters too.

  3. The way I understand it, the endocrin system is comprised of the thyroid, the pituitary, and the adrenals, which are all the sources of the various hormones in our bodies. If one is not functioning it affects the others. With our thyroids out of whack we’re subject to lots of hormonal roller coaster rides. I’m probably on the verge of menopause so my next gyno visit I’m going to request a full hormone panel just to see what else is going wrong… uh, I mean on. :/

  4. Yes it can effect other hormones. I know it threw my adrenal system off.

  5. I am hypo and I have irregular beats and flutters

  6. Sounds like an adrenal issue which is common for thyroid patients.

  7. I had the same issue

  8. I have a question my poor daughter has heavy body odor and my dad who has graves disease has it too and the Endo told me that her hashis has something to do with that.. Does she have a point or is it some genetic thing I myself never had the privilege to get?

  9. Your thyroid affects your whole basically is the organ that makes all your other organs work…So when your thyroid doesnt work, your other organs and body doesnt work right…it has a huge effect on hormones and pituitary gland

  10. I have endometriosis and adenomyosis which is thought to be caused by producing too much oestrogen.
    Both my endocrinologist and endometriosis consultant are working together to get my thyroid levels optimal for me so maybe I’m not suffering so much with endometriosis and not be taking so much progesterone which is balancing out the oestrogen.

    Although I’ve been diagnosed with hashis for only a year, I’ve suffered with endo for 15 years. I thought it would be the other way, but endocrinologist says that because I’ve always had the antibodies, they just weren’t triggered yet, that came when I had pneumonia

  11. I have been diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction. I have off levels of cortisol. I had my hormones tested and they told me to take progesterone. I can’t find a doctor who truly can manage and understand it all.

  12. They said they are running a full hormone panel…..will this check for adrenal function?
    About a month ago I few out of state… Had just started prednisone for the first time…80mg a day….was having severe heart flutters…felt panicky..winded and out of breath…had the shakes on and off then would feel like I was just going to crash. Talked to my mil about it over the phone (she is a retired nurse practitioner) she said it sounded like I was having adrenal failure…called the Dr and all they said was taper off slowly of the prednisone…so I did…but was still having issues that let me to the cardiologist.
    I feel like this is never ending…I don’t know how I went from never being sick and I mean never…to my body just crashing like this…it scares me

  13. Yes, this disorder is not easy. I just came from the cardiologist as well and checked out fine. I feel like there are so many elements to this disorder like pieces of a puzzle that no one doctor has time to put together so it is on you or us. you can ask for saliva hormone testing. They say that is more telling than the one blood sample taken in the a.m.

  14. I wish I could just use one Dr…..I have my pcp…cardiologist…rheumatologist…endrocronologist and yes I feel like I am now a puzzle trying to get out back together….

  15. I just went to the ER yesterday because I have been in a hyper flare off and on for a year. I stopped my synthroid 3 days ago and I’m still flaring. I keep getting heart palps w pain in my chest and left arm. So much anxiety. I had an EKG and blood test which all was good. Diagnosed w heart palps. Er dr said to stay off the synthroid a n d go back to Dr for a med adjustment. When we flare hyper we don’t need as much. Makes sense.

  16. My adrenal glands were the culprit.

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