Does hashimoto’s respond badly to tanning bed lights?


Weird question: how many lay in tanning beds? I love laying in the tanning bed. Yes I know the health risks but it’s my way of relaxing and stops my aches. But my endocrinologist told me not to and I’m not sure exactly why. Does hashimotos respond badly to tanning bed lights?

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  1. She is speaking as a medical doctor, not just an endocrinologist, and is worried about you getting skin cancer.

  2. If you’re doing it for aches and pains you’d really love the infrared sauna!! Way better health benefits too

  3. I suggest using a sauna instead. An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters that warm you like a tanning bed but don’t have harmful uv. Also, sauna will help you detoxify and relax, both good for hashimotos. Look into a local spa that or look into buying one from your home. I bought one for under $2000 (2 person model) a couple of months ago and i just love it.

  4. I would go with an infrared sauna. If you think having Hashi’s sucks, think how much worse cancer would be. If you want to tan, put on a light sunscreen and head outside where you’ll also get your daily dose of Vit D.

  5. I do Hot Yoga classes and that seems to help with my Hashi. Probably same benefit as a Sauna

  6. You thought about getting a massage. I use to get deep massage and work wonders for the pain

  7. are you really wondering why a doctor doesn’t want you to use a tanning bed… because tanning is really bad for your skin… nothing to do with hashis at all. Try other things and don’t worry about a tan.

  8. Mike and I get a massage every three weeks. It helps but can’t afford it more often. So I started acupuncture once a week. They do a sliding scale so it goes for $20 a session. That has been a godsend. At lest half the aches and pains. Headaches are minimal instead of deadly. If you’re afraid of needles, tell them and they will start out with just a few and build up. I sleep for an hour. That’s nice. I got a Groupon coupon for the first 3 visits.

  9. I love a tanning bed! For me, the only way to get through a Chicago winter! It also helps with my seasonal affective disorder.

  10. Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease. ANYbody with an autoimmune disease should avoid the sun and tanning beds because it is an immune booster. It’s a DEF NO NO.

  11. Tanning beds do two things, make you tan and cause cancer. Sunlight stimulator light simulates the sun without the damaging cancer causing bulbs. My suggestion since you don’t live close to spas is purchase something like this, do spray tan or creams, and try yoga. I used to tan a lot and once I was diagnosed with pre-cancer cells I changed my regimen. Take it from someone who knows don’t chance it, it’s not worth it.

  12. Hot salt bath or long hot shower with magnesium oil spray.

  13. I go, I have hashis and I feel better when I go, I don’t use the creams ever, if you use them you can get cancer, I just go in natural and I also sun bathe a lot too, I truly don’t believe it’s the lights, I think it’s the lotions, I recently read an article about how pool chlorine combines with sun block chemicals and creates cancer, it also does this with salt water, so at the pool or ocean, sun block is really bad

  14. Fake spray tans are nasty and seep into your blood steam!! Yuck!!! That crap is nasty and smells funny. No way that can be healthier than lying in a tanning bed for a few minutes. Besides it does nothing for when you do get in the sun. I tan and like I said above, my skin reacts to what I eat and drink more than tanning beds.

  15. I do Quantum Light Therapy…the tanning bed does make me feel better. But I am so pale skinned, that going to it does worry me. So I started the Quantum Light Therapy. Same results, much safer. Though I do miss the tan!

  16. Infrared heat is best!

  17. It’s Full blown Vitamin D! Just don’t do it everyday. 2 or 3 times a week 10 to 15 min. Try Infrared booths! Those don’t tan, but they are so much better on the skin and muscles.

  18. 15 minutes a day outside with the sun I’ve heard from my cardiologist, endo and functional medical dr. And I just feel better getting a few rays 🙂

  19. I tan because it eases my aches. And warms me up when I can’t get warm in the winter. 🙂

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