Does it go back to gray?


For those of you that have used magnesium oil on your head and reversed gray hair, when you stop using the oil on your head does it go back to gray?

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  1. As your Mag RBC drops from discontinued use, its effect on DHEA will diminish and the domino effect continues right to seeing grey hair again.
    Is vanity enough reason to monitor your Mag RBC? 🙂

  2. I look 90 with grey hair. I'll try it and report back 🙂

  3. How would a person use oil on the head. How long would you need to leave it on.

  4. I'm just going to squirt it everywhere and hope for the best.

  5. I have definitely noticed less grey hairs just from taking it internally. Also, my red has become more coppery like it was in my 20's. I don't put a henna rinse on it anymore! 🙂

  6. I've noticed fewer gray hairs and more wavy full hair since bathing in the mag flakes and using mag oil in a lotion.

  7. Where do you purchase….Organic also

  8. My hair was completely white now it is about salt and pepper with the white being more grey….. It has taken about two years to change…… Eyebrows were white, now back to brown.

  9. Fabulous. Well My head and hair is fully loaded … Hopefully I'll wake up looking 20!

  10. I am trying coconut oil for grey hair.

  11. The coconut oil has certainly given mine some shine!

  12. Will try mag when finish this lot

  13. what is this sorcery? Mag returns hair to its original color? how?

  14. Wheat greass internally wil reverse too..

  15. Ive considered that grey may be copper deficiency

  16. Can you use the mag o hol for this purpose?

  17. Me too! Lol. I keep finding lots of grey hairs I'm only 33

  18. I love my gray!

  19. Me, too!

  20. I haven't read about the connection for early gray hair- is this truly connected?

  21. This thread is cracking me up. Running to the bathroom to douse my hair. Better not burn-itch like crazy like it does on my body.

  22. Probably why some people turn grey overnight when they have a stress event, burning up mag

  23. Or kids

  24. Interesting! Would you leave it in your hair overnight or is this too long? I thought mag was very drying to hair? Apply to the roots only or all over? Questions questions! Any ideas? I'm going to give this a try.

  25. The stress is significant in my case… I've had some chronic periods of stress since being very very young. And after a difficult pregnancy ( hyperemesis), I'd say I'm 80% grey now.

  26. I applied my ancient minerals spray all over, roots, and just massaged it in.
    No adverse effects, hair isn't oily this morning, all good. I'll keep on doing this and report back in a few months 🙂 I'm going to the sunshine on Saturday too so I'll be totally overdosing on the sun, as I live in northern England where there's barely any sunlight for 7 months of the year..!

  27. Is it silly to think if it's being applied to the scalp it's closer to the brain and more easily able to pass the blood brain barrier? Or is this wishful thinking…

  28. Copper is supposed to help also.

  29. Like I've said a million times before…
    Mineral balancing, it's where it's at

  30. In case my post got lost, my chiro+ said I must have good zinc and copper ratio since my hair has maybe 5-10 silver hairs and I'm 69. I think a lot is genetic, too, a genetic forum was discussing it and their levels and it went both ways.

  31. Wondering if Epsom salt would work. . .

  32. Could also be B12

  33. Ashley Hearod. Lots of good info on here. I want to get a HMTA that everyone talks about. I think it would be good for you too.

  34. I thought this link was interesting relative to hair loss. Now that I've had my HTMA, I can look over my labs and see if there are any areas of correlation. Also, does anyone know of a hair supplement that doesn't have iron or asorbic acid in it?

  35. I was reading more on hair loss and found that sodium and potasium either out of balance can cause hair loss. On hair analysis I note my potasium is 1 and sodium is 4. My ratio of sodium to magnesium is .38. I didn't know to ask this question in my consult with Morley at the time, but is is possible by these numbers it could be causing the problem. Obviously my salt is higher than potassium but still very low. Do I continue with the adrenal cocktail? I eat all the recommended foods high in potasium. Any thoughts?

  36. My hair seems to be sprouting with new growth & only major change was CLO. I'd always heard how omega 3's help hair but I couldn't tolerate fish oils or evening primrose oil, but CLO I can.

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