Does it help regulate low sodium?


I have a friend who’s husband is LOW sodium, but HIGH blood pressure. I normally would think potassium would help – does it help regulate low sodium? I was going to suggest magnesium and potassium, but concerned about low sodium. TIA

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  1. In 20% of people a high sodium diet actually lowers blood pressure.

    Magnesium will help lower blood pressure as well, but be careful as taking too much too soon will lower sodium and potassium further.

  2. I blow up if I take too much sodium

  3. He also has high stress and enjoys beer a lot. So I am thinking minerals depleted.

  4. low sodium diet or his sodium lvls are low? is he getting enough real salt?

  5. Who would take sodium? I believe if it's a low sodium level, one would look at other mineral levels, as sodium doesn't act alone and needs it's counter parts.

  6. LOW and HIGH sodium can cause high blood pressure. Ask him to watch this and it explains it 🙂

  7. Probably not, I was going to suggest using Adrenal cocktail with Hymilayan salt. I am sure adrenals are shot.

  8. What are other minerals that can balance sodium???

  9. Magnesium and it's cofactor's (boron, B6, and bicarbonate) 5mg per pound of body weight is to MAINTAIN current Mg level. Start low and work his way up, spread the dosage throughout the day to avoid the "laxative effect". Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Oil massaged into his skin 1 teaspoon =560mg of Magnesium and no laxative effect. Mag-a-hol is another way to up your Magnesium levels and reduce pain through transdermal application. Plenty of water DAILY and a good unrefined mineral salt. 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of tomato juice each morning will also lower is high blood pressure 🙂

  10. There is no danger in Magnesium, the only negative effect it can cause if taking it orally is taking too much at one time. It is not stored in the body which is the same for other minerals. Water and unrefined mineral salt is what we are made off, We lose water every second just from breathing. Too many people to not drink nearly enough water and a good balance of mineral salt on a daily basis and wonder why they're not feeling so good.

  11. He is not on blood pressure medication at all. My friend would like to prevent him from having to take BP medication.

  12. ^good! The meds just make general health worse.
    So is he on a low sodium diet or has low sodium test results? Try the AC once and see if there is any change, if it gets higher, then raising salt isn't the answer.
    But yep, magnesium will help lower bp and keep sodium in check.

  13. We learn my asking questions, reading, researching, listening, watching, trial and error etc. I ALWAYS do my own research through several sources, THEN I make my own decision, NOT just what my Doctor tells me to do. 🙂

  14. My friend will research also.

  15. What is the other group? I like to get information from multiple sources and make my own decisions.

  16. Brandon, there are about seven FB Groups of Mineral Supplements, maybe more I'm not certain…

  17. Bah, gonna have to unfollow this thread. Was interested in the actual topic…

  18. Thanks for the constructive comments about the original topic – BP and low sodium. However, do NOT appreciate this thread being hijacked to talk about their issues with giving supplement advice or other magnesium groups. If you do not have constructive comments on the topic, do not post and start a new thread if you have another topic to start a new discussion.

  19. You're right Beth, I personally apologize. It's inconsiderate. Forgive me.

  20. I've deleted some of the argumentative threads so we can get back to the original topic.

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