Does it interferes with anything ?


Me and my husband planning to start chromium for insulin resistance, does it interferes with anything ? Currently we are taking mag and co-factors and no other medications. Also he recently stopped taking statin for his cholesterol problem..TIA

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  1. Just to note, I LOVE chromium. Helps tremendously with my hypoglycemic issues, and my cat's diabetic ones. 🙂

  2. Thanks Julie Landrum, how much chromium should be taken?

  3. I've seen all sorts of figures…some say the body can't utilize more than 200mg a day, some say you need more. 600mg a day seems to be about right for me. Less doesn't work as well, and more doesn't do anything.

  4. Thanks, will start with low dose I get my hand on. Hope it doesn't affect my mag protocol.

  5. Julie how did it help your hypoglycemia?

  6. It just greatly reduces my symptoms–shaking, sweating, constant hunger, waking during the night.

  7. 100 mcg of gtf chromium three times a day.

  8. Don't use pilcolinate, it's toxic. It has to be gtf chromium

  9. Thompson recommends 600 mcg of Chromate with every meal. I agree with Patrick re not using picolinate – bad stuff. GTF or polynicotinate.

  10. I've taken gift chromium for 16 months now. Was 600mg now at 400mg. Noticed steadily over time my reaction to sugar has changed. It's good

  11. Any brand recommendation, David MacPhail, Patrick Boyle and Debra Palmerr? Also We do not check my sugar as not Diabetics, is that an issue?

  12. I use Now GTF chromium. I don't check my blood sugar either.

  13. I use NOW Chromate. One capsule is 200 mcg.

  14. I also take 600 to 900 mg a day of AOR R – Lipoic Acid.

  15. From my research, top-end dosage should be no more than 1000mcg/day. I've read about a couple of cases of liver failure in people who used upwards of 2000mcg/day for months.

  16. Not according to Thompson. There were some bogus studies (most are thoroughly 'cooked') that claimed chromium had zero effect on BG and was just plain toxic in any amount.

  17. Well, Thompson can take 1800 a day…I'll stick with 600. 🙂

  18. To each his own. I monitor my mineral status with regular HTMAs. It's not what you swallow that counts. It's what gets into your cells. My chromium is still well below optimal as is vanadium and manganese.

  19. Can you take it pregnant? Honest question because my blood sugar has been even worse since already was food reactive hypoglycemic but for the las 6 months it's been much worse

  20. Innate GTF is the best

  21. 300 mcg (that's micrograms, not milligrams) spread out (100mcg x3 times per day) is what is needed to build back up the chromium stores in the body. That is, if you stop eating white sugar, hfcs and the other refined (chromium taken out) sugars that flood the market in all our foods.

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