Does mag oil account for mag blood levels?


Does mag oil account for mag blood levels? My cousin is undergoing chemo and they were surprised her mag and potassium levels were so high. This was her second round of chemo. The first time they infused her with an IV bag of mag sulfate (3 weeks ago). She’s been using mag oil on bottoms of feet at night and drinking Aqua Hydrate bottled water, which has trace minerals in it. Now they’ve told her to stop using both, which she’ll comply, but we’re curious if the mag oil can be keeping her blood level up high (I thought it goes directly into muscle or cells) … TYIA

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  1. There's only 1% of Mg in blood. They need to do the Mg RBC test. Personally, I would continue with the Mg spray..

  2. I wouldn't be stopping mag for anyone.

  3. Top number for normal is 2.4. Her's was 2.8. That her mag didn't tank while under chemo is excellent. They were so shocked they tested it 2 more times. I know mag leaves blood pretty quick so we'll see what today's draw tells us.

  4. How much oil does she spray. I spray 16 times twice a day and that still is about 350mg of Mag IF you absorb it all. I doubt it's from the oil.

  5. Mag thru the skin goes to the blood circulation instantly affecting blood count.

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