Does Magnesium Oil increase DHEA in women?


Does Magnesium Oil increase DHEA in women??? I read somewhere it did but want to be sure it’s TRUE. It said taken 4 weeks it can increase DHEA. Thanks

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  1. Oh ok. Thanks

  2. I never heard that….

  3. I believe it did for me. My blood report showed very high DHEA. I had used a lot of mag oil just before my blood was drawn

  4. Yes, it does raise DHEA, according to research by Norman Shealy, MD

  5. Ugh! I just had blood drawn yesterday and my DHEA was high last time.

  6. MJ Hamp. With Magnesium Oil then?? Any particular kind of Mag Oil?? Do your remember how much??

  7. Magnesium Chloride, transdermal will raise dhea levels as it makes contact with the fat cells under the skin.

  8. Mag 'oil' is Mg chloride and should be the same from any vendor.

  9. Does Mag-a-hol have the same effect?

  10. I can't handle mag oil – too much itching occurs.

  11. Stephanie Jans Carolyn Dean in The Magnesium Miracle recommends 10-20 sprays per day with each spray carrying about 20mg of magnesium. It's in chapter 15 if you have the book.

  12. Doesn't for me. Dhea chronically low and falling. I recently read only transdermal increases dhea so that me be my problem most of my mag is oral

  13. What does it mean if the mag oil makes you itchy?

  14. Oh gosh, my daughter just started taking DHEA per dr's order because hers was so low. She doesn't need to lose anymore hair. I was hoping it might help her hair as well as other symptoms being she was low in DHEA.

  15. It didnt work for me 🙁

  16. Stupid question but what is DHEA, guess I could google it but being lazy, lol

  17. I just looked it up, I think mine is super low, poor hubby! lol

  18. I was reading the back of the DHEA BOTTLE and I can't remember now what is said but it was bad for females:/scared me even because I had taken it…I will go see and post it.

  19. I read high Dhea causes hair growth in abnormal places for women rather than hair lose? That true? I've been taking Dhea and have increased my mag…!

  20. It is not a good idea to supplement DHEA without the DHEA-S indicating the need. And, then, increasing Magnesium is a better way to increase it naturally in the body.

  21. Thanks I might come off the Dhea and continue with the mag then.

  22. Can't believe it! Great news. How much raise? Just a tiny bit?

  23. MJ Hemp Is DHEA-S more accurate than the saliva test for DHEA?

  24. Is that why I have more chin whiskers? lol…like beard hair?

  25. So should those taking a Dhea supplement and magnesium then just take the magnesium? Especially if seeing the hair growth/loss side effects?

  26. My understanding is that Dr. Shealy was successful in raising DHEA with transdermal mag chloride.

  27. Very interesting…..mag-a-hol is mag chloride (transdermal delivery) right?

  28. Jusy wondering if I need to add some mag oil to my transdlermal application…..I currently use mag-a-hol. I would be serious to see what my DHEAS is doing – since through saliva testing -it was quite low last time I tested.
    I am testing again next week – so we'll see…..

  29. Are MOST magnesium oils the chloride kind then??? Taurate.. is that an OIL too??? The links above are helpful but super expensive.

  30. Stephanie Jans – all Mag 'oils' are Magnesium chloride.

  31. Great. Thanks. I work at a Health Food Store so appreciate the discount.

  32. MJ, do you happen to know IF it is the absorption of transdermal magnesium that boosts DHEA levels, would that include Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) in water solutions (baths, foot soaks, compresses, etc)?

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