Does potassium bicarbonate lower stomach acid?


Hello guys, I have question. Does potassium bicarbonate lower stomach acid?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I think anything bicarbonate can. One reason I don't use a ton of potassium bicarb or mag water. So I am probably not getting enough of that cofactor, but I really noticed it affecting my digestion unfortunately, when I first tried to use them.

  2. Valerie Engh, did you notice the potassium bicarbonate supplements tweaking with your stomach at all or your stomach acid in any way?

  3. Here's an article on the subject that basically sidesteps the question. I definitely think it can. I take my potassium bicarbonate away from meals because of that.

  4. Sue Murray, from personal experience or working with clients?

  5. If it's an issue for you, try potassium gluconate. That's the kind I use.

  6. I'm wondering if this might be why Mag water increases my reflux?

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