Does that indicate anything?


Kind of a strange question, but if coffee doesnt help perk me up anymore, does that indicate anything? I drink a couple of cups in the morning and I am just as tired. I drink a lot of water, so I dont figure its dehydration.

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  1. I've read this is a big sign of adrenal fatigue.

  2. I'd be having your adrenals checked (a saliva test to determine cortisol levels at different times during the day)

  3. Adrenal fatigue, love.

  4. Adrenal fatigue. Switch out the coffee for the adrenal cocktail.

  5. I have the same issue with the coffee, so going to try the cocktail to see how it works for me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is exactly why I shared it. Thanks everyone!
    I suspected it was an adrenal fatigue confirmation. Funny how I am almost relieved. Looking back, I now realize this has been six month (at least) in the making, but I didnt see it at all until the sudden onset of a bunch of symptoms in the last three or four weeks. I am very grateful for this group. Waiting for mag chlorid flakes and b complex to ship from amazon. Been doing adrenal cocktail for a week now, mostly in the mornings. Some days can tell a big difference and others, no difference at all.
    Today is a compounded problem bc of hubs driving a relative to the airport 4 hours away, and sudden plan changes that include MIL spendng the night after they got home at 1am…so I was up very late cleaning the guest bedroom and bath…and then my kids (who both went to bed early last night) woke up at 6:30 sharp, so I was up with them while everyone else slept. So far, my adrenal cocktail hasnt even touched my fatigue today.

  7. Adrenal fatigue…. Time to stop drinking coffee.

    Coffee is full of mold anyways and contains lots of pesticides if not organic… If you are sick, coffee is not your friend!

  8. I'm sure I have adrenal fatigue, but I am hesitant to do adrenal cocktail as every time I drink orange juice my blood sugar drops and I am weak shaky and sick. Any ideas?

  9. Mary Ann White I have heard people using lemon or lime juice or coconut water in place of the OJ.

  10. Coconut water does the same I am wondering if it's the potassium…I do love lime juice though. Maybe i will try that. Thanks!

  11. I have the same issue only with energy shots. I drink 1 and a half and go straight to sleep???? I can't do the AC because the salt raises my BP. I think mine might be do to deppression, I just have NO motivation at all.

  12. That's what happened to me too. At first it was the lack of pick me up…then it graduated to burning tongue in the afternoons before I finally took the hint and quit drinking coffee. I felt much better after the innitial caffeine withdrawal went away.

  13. Maybe add minerals to your water? Andersons Mineral drops? Or add the adrenal cocktail..may be losing to much water if you are drinking a lot

  14. It can be a paradoxical reaction, related to blood sugar drop/hypoglycemia. If you're not getting anything from it, just quit. You'll probably feel better. When I didn't know I was hypoglycemic and trying to wake up enough to get out the door, I'd drink a mugfull and fall back asleep. That quit when I quit drinking coffee… took a while to stabilize. Now it's great to use when I really truly need it, just not every day.

  15. I have a massive antibody reaction to coffee…first one is ok…second one puts me back about a year and damages my gut. It's acidic too…I don't think it's good for us.

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