Does that mean he has lung cancer?


I posted about my brother-in-law the other day, but I have a few more questions. In short, he has a cancerous tumor where his stomach and esophagus meet. He also has cancerous fluid around his lungs that had to be drained, and may need to be drained more in the future. They told him he is stage 4. I really don’t know much more of his technical diagnosis than that. He isn’t able to eat anything without it causing excruciating pain in his stomach. He and I both agree that he needs to eat something, obviously, but it’s really hard for him. I had thought of juicing or making smoothies to help give him nutrients. I have heard that raw fruits and vegetables are advised against after starting chemo because any bacteria could get him sick at that point, but he hasn’t started chemo yet. So, I have a few questions, some of which may be impossible to answer. My first questions, with the fluid around his lungs being cancerous… Does that mean he has lung cancer? What might that indicate? How would that be treated, aside from draining it? My next question, does anyone know of a good way to coat his stomach so he CAN get some food in him without it being painful? He’s on pain meds, but they’re not at all helping that issue. At this point the tiniest bites of any food makes him feel like he has gasoline in his stomach. And lastly, what might be some good foods for him to get his immune and strength back up before he starts chemo (and after, too)? Juicing or making smoothies with greens? Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Thank you!!!

  2. The Amagdylin B-17 is also known as Laetrile. It is the seed inside of apricot pits. You can grind them up and put in his juices. They can be ordered online at Amazon…

  3. And agree with Becki re Ty Bollinger ' The Quest for the cures'


  5. Thank you, I will be sure to look into that for him! 🙂

  6. Slippery elm. Bentonite clay to mitigate . Fresh Juices yes just soak in some solution first-Peroxide works Google it. Research glutamine Marcus rothkranz has a great all raw wild green mix ..Also Ron teeguardian as well

  7. That is a great idea! I didn't know they made vegetables and fruits in a powdered form to mix with water. That is awesome and would be a great way for him to get some nutrients! Thanks!

  8. Do the Cannabis via rectal suppositories and get the full dose in without stomach pain. Much sleep and relief will follow … if he's drinking water, see if infusing it with powdered vegetable/fruit ?

  9. Awesome! Thanks a bunch Becki Karima Harris and Elinor Malmquist! 🙂

  10. there is the cancer tudor also…I had a cancer scare last year, I did cannabis, I've seen a picture of cannabis killing the cancer cells and it would also help with the pain… I also alkalized my system, its very important to starve the cancer and stay away from sugar!!! or carbs

  11. Use only organic veggies and fruits. Have u read about chris beat cancer or Kid against chemo? Maybe they have good advise?

  12. my favorite site for information on cancer cures is The Truth About Cancer hosted by Ty Bollinger who has made it a life long goal to help people find alternative cures for cancer…I read stories about people in your brother in law state curing cancer.

  13. Slippery Elm for coating the stomach, it coats and heals but it may take sometime…it is something that can be a substitute for food for a period of time

  14. Kathy Henry-Dye, that is AMAZING news! I'm so happy that you're well, and your story is very inspiring and encouraging!

  15. I too battled the fluid around my lungs being cancerous however I did not have lung cancer. I had T-cell lymphoma and breast cancer at the same time. Once the fluid was drained it did not come back for me. The took 2 liters out. I did not even know it was there. They say it is a bad sign when the cancer crosses the diaphragm. My mass was between my pancreas and spleen. I was blessed and did not have pain when I ate. I think you are on the right track with the smoothies. Be very cautious with fresh veggies and fruit. They have to be washed and scrubbed extremely well to be sure he doesn't have a problem with bacteria or chemicals that are on them. I am blessed to tell you that I did survive and have been cancer free for two years following a bone marrow transplant. He is lucky to have you in his corner. One other thing about eating, I found often the smell bothered me more than the food so I basically switched to raw foods since there was less smell. Best wishes!

  16. Thank you so much for the advice everyone! Much appreciated!

  17. He can juice nd smoothie. Just wash the ingredients before using. You hav to keep strength.add protein powder. I used whey protein. I have s4 lung cancer. They had to drain at least 1 liter of fluid a month until they did pleurodesis.

  18. Get some Amygdalin B-17 pronto. He can get nutrients intraveniously if they use the kind with no sugar. Same as a diabetic. No sugar for him!

  19. Awesome! 🙂

  20. Im in Cali… its about $15 a gallon or so in natural food stores. You dont need much

  21. I will have to let him know about that! Thank you!

  22. true… has he also tried aloe juice? In the King James Version of the Holy Bible its listed as a healing plant more the 30 times.

  23. I've youtubed and read some stuff about it, and I agree, there have been a lot of studies showing some amazing results and potential. I think it boils down to the fact that it's not very profitable, so the government wants nothing to do with it lol

  24. heads up not many are supporters of trying it. there are some really wonderful people on this page… some may suggest different breeds to help him… I know with my friend Debbie. She had liver cancer. The cannabis helped her both with the pain and well as the nausea she had from the chemo. I have even heard of some Swetish studies where they mixed a couple of the breeds together and it was killing the cancer cells

  25. I actually got him some cannabis oil, but unfortunately he has to hold off until he meets with his pain management specialist. He's very open to trying it though, and we are hopeful that it may even help kill the cancer.

  26. For the pain…. has he tried cannabis? doesnt have all the side effect that the pills that hes taking has.

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