Does that mean she has Hashimoto’s


I have a question my 17-year-old daughter had her thyroid checked. Her sister and I both have Hashimoto’s. Her anti-thyroid Ab was 17. Her TPO a B was 11. Everything else was in range. Being that there are some antibodies,does that mean she has Hashimoto’s. or anytime you have any antibodies does that mean you have Hashimoto’s?

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  1. anything over 9 is hashimotos, what is the lab reference range

  2. That’s not correct. TGab of 800 kIU/L may be seen in healthy people without thyroid disease. Also TPOab of 250 kLU/L may be seen in 10% of people without thyroid disease. This can even increase with age.

  3. Her results don’t suggest she has Hashi’s.

  4. Thank you everyone! Very helpful

  5. Does she have symptoms? She’ll know if she has it.

  6. Antibodies just means auto immune. If she has any other auto immune it will show the presence of antibodies. Hope this helps

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