Does the body find an equilibrium?


I was iron overloaded by two IV iron infusions in Nov 2015. It took my Ferritin up to 398 and 468. My hematologist wasn’t the least bit concerned. He said it would come down.
By Feb of 2016, 3 months since the infusion, it only came down to 423. (The little bit it came down was only when I began two things to decrease it with only about 1.5 weeks worth of time before the next testing.)
I had several concerns with a level this high, plus my body aches increased by much at this high level. Inflammation anybody?!!

[Also in Nov 2015 I began monthly IVIG infusions so every month since the iron and the beginning of the IVIG treatment I get monthly lab tests of Ferritin, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Hemogram w/Differential and Immunolglobulins.]

I decided it was time to take things into my own hands and go into full gear. For one month I incorporated a few things recommended here for decreasing iron overload, plus a couple of my own from research.

One month later at my next testing, my Ferritin decreased by 202 points!!!!!!! That brought my Ferritin level to 221.

Now this past month I didn’t want it to drop another 200+ points because that would be getting close to the low in the desired Morley range, so I cut out a few things for this month and my next set of lab tests are in 1.5 weeks.

Here’s my question for you all, some of the things recommended to decrease iron overload are good for other things in our lives, depending on other health conditions one has such as Curcumin, DE, IP6, etc. These things can have a positive effect on other issues.
So once someone’s Ferritin is in the ideal Morley range and one decides to say continue IP6 or Curcumin for its benefits, does the Ferritin level continue to lower so one has to stop say for example, the IP6 or does the body find an equilibrium?

*I have two therories on this of what the answer(s) could be, but I don’t want to influence anyone’s answers at this time since I know there are so many smart minds out there. I want to see if my thinking might be in the right direction.

So again, Ferritin is in the Morley range, minerals are well balanced and anyone of us is trying to be proactive to use IP6, or Curcumin, or DE afterwards for personal issues, what keeps these substances from taking our Ferritin out of the Morley range?

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  1. OK… but what is your Ceruloplasmn value?

  2. My answer was Ceruloplasmin also! Before I saw MJ Hampstead's comment. 🙂 I will add a healthy liver and gut–

  3. P.S. As a side note, of course I'm doing the Mg+ and the cofactors too, but again, before the iron infusions, my MagRBC was 5.8 so I was working on that and Cp within normal limits and I had this done before I was in this group.
    The iron infusions came just about a month too soon before I had the knowledge of not to have them. 🙁

  4. ceruplasmin protocol will be helpful

  5. I take a lot of turmeric paste everyday for pain.

  6. Interesting. My ferritin is at 352, I am adding the ACV to my water and I ordered Viva Curcumin and will get it tomorrow.

  7. Having Curry Chicken for dinner tonight.

    I noticed salad dressings have iron in some of them. Need to start making my own.

  8. Could you remind us what is the Morley range for ferritin.

  9. I think it's between 20-50?

  10. What is the range for ceruplasim?

  11. Great questions! I don't have an answer as I am still trying to reduce my ferritin level. Glad to know that a protocol besides giving blood worked for someone!

  12. I'm confused, I thought I needed more ceruloplasm for my copper. My iron panel is supposed to be ok, and now I find out my acv is being naughty? Don't mind me, I'll read some more. 🙂

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