Does the extra magnesium affect my potassium levels?


I have been supplementing with jigsaw in the mornings and mag glycinate at night, plus oil spray, so am getting lots of mag. However, my lef hip has pain and feels stretched and numb down the back of my leg, especially after laying. Does the extra magnesium affect my potassium levels? I may have arthritis in that hip? The chiropractor just gave me some stretches to start with. Otherwise I am in good shape, giving my 4th blood donation this year today.

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  1. The Adrenal Cocktail is an important part of the Magnesium Protocol. It provides potassium, sodium, chloride as well as vitami C.

  2. 4th blood donation this year??? In one month you've donated 4 times? That's a lot of blood. Are you doing it under medical supervision etc?

  3. Are you implementing the Root Cause Protocol?
    -Moderator/Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  4. I use boron water daily as suggested, Epsom salt foot soaks, no vitamin d, just cod liver oil. I follow the root cause protocol.

  5. That's three questions about hip pain today! Amazing how this group runs that way. I took pineapple juice for my hip pain. Mangenese is needed for tendon and ligament health. I drank 2-3 ounces a couple of times a week. Worked for me.

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