Does this mean I’m still getting gluten somehow?


I was diagnosed with celiac about 8 wks ago and my IgA was 191 at that time. I have been gluten free ever since and just recently had labs done again and it is down to 64. At my lab anything over 20 is high. Does this mean I’m still getting gluten somehow or does it take awhile to get out of your system? I’m too anxious to wait til my doctors appt after the holidays to ask, so i was hoping someone here has already got the answer

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  1. It can take along time! My daughter’s took almost 2 years go get in normal range. You’re doing great!!

  2. you’re doing great! My IgA was greater than 250 and after five months it’s only down to 195. Like others have said, it can take 1-2 years. I wish I had your progress!

  3. It can take years depending on damage you have already done. My doc said 2 years is average but sometimes longer to bring levels down

  4. It took my daughter 15 months to get down within “normal” range…you are on the right track! She started at 128, after 3 months was at 78, then 50 and at 12 months was at 27…went back at after 1 year and she is now at 18 ? everyone is different but clearly you are healing great! Keep it up!

  5. I went in about 10 weeks and my number was cut in half but still considered high. Yes I have heard that It can take awhile. I would say you are doing a good job!

  6. No it takes time!!!

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