Does this usually require a thyroidectomy?


I have been diagnosed with Hashi.Im taking 100mcg daily.My thyroid is not working.Does this usually require a thyroidectomy?? My endocrinogist has sent me to an ENT specialist. I had never heard of Hashimotos until 3 weeks ago .

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  1. you absolutely do not need a thyroidectomy! you should be able to maintain just fine on the right combo of thyroid meds and supplements. going gluten free is huge

  2. A thyroidectomy is usually only done with thyroid cancer. It best not to have it removed.

  3. I have to say I had a thyroidectomy due to all the nodules that occupied my thyroid that Hashi had destroyed. I did not have thyroid cancer.
    I have never felt better in my life no more choking feeling in my throat. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore from choking. And most importantly no more chronic joint pain.

  4. I have had choking trouble for years and I noticed the Dr. added hoarseness as a symptom.I heard of of a partial thyroidectomy.Have you any of you experienced overheating then being cold??Have any of you been sent the ENT after being given seen by your Endocrinologist?

  5. The Dr found it through a sonogram.

  6. Dr. showed me on the monitor my thyroid and then showed me his.Mine was solid black and his was a very light gray. He did that so I could compare my thyroid against a healthy one.

  7. Just a thought…..
    Many people with lyme have Hashi’s, low Vitamin D3, a low CD57 (can indicate immune system strength).
    If you experience any joint pain, Fibromyalgia type symptoms, or unexplained symptoms, you might want to consider lyme.

  8. Also, Hashimoto’s is not just about the thyroid. It is an autoimmune disease that will attack all other systems. Brain, musculoskeletal, joints, GI tract. Really do your research to see.

  9. I have hashimotos and am gong for a full thyroidectomy Tuesday. 8 years of uncontrolled thyroid function and every 3 month visits, med changes and hell, I’m finally referred to have it removed. It’s causing me not to be able to pass food properly (I have to push good back up that is clumpy) and it’s pressing on my vocal cords/voice box.

    We’ve exhausted all options and I’ve had several second opinions.

    I think this answer is and should be based on an individual basis, or your story to her, but, yes, it can result in that.

    My goiter grew that much in only 2 months and my dr said I’m at a high risk for cancer.

    My life is misery with it, so it honestly can’t get worse without it.

    hashi moto's

  10. I’m also gluten free, take selenium, never miss a pill, follow instructions, etc., and it’s come to this.

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