Does your weight go up and down for reason?


Question for those who have celiac
Does your weight go up and down for reason?
I eat healthy fruit veggies protien
Stay away from carbs sugars
I get cardio in
But just wondering if celiacs need to do something more,
Just asking for suggestions not what everyone weights
Thank you everyone

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Kimberly 4 years 3 Answers 379 views 0

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  1. Whenever I get “poisoned” I lose weight. If I don’t I usually stay around the same unless I do another diet with (no carbs, no sugar for example)

  2. When I first went GF, I substituted gluten foods with more meat and cheese, so my weight went up and down for a while. I cut off carbs, and even did a Paleo diet. But I got really sick, and that’s when my doc and I realized that the heme iron and casein in animal foods are what made me so sick. \n\nOnce I went back on fibrous carbs and ate purely plants and plant proteins, I went from 180lbs to 125lbs. I can eat GF foods without gaining weight.

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