Don’t take more than 1 gram of vit c a day?


Quick question for whole food vit c – my hubby has moderate kidney function and his specialist has advised to not take any more than 1 gram of vit c a day? Does anyone have any knowledge on this? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excess vitamin C may metabolise to oxalic acid and put extra excretory load on the kidneys. 1 gram is a huge amount, but quantities are much harder to gauge from plant sources.

  2. Did the doc distinguish between ascorbic acid and wholefood, real, vitamin C?

  3. I did say to him that it was whole food vit c and he didn't seem to care one way or the other?

  4. Although what Stevens has already provided a short & concise answer to guide you and I am not sure how much in depth answer are you looking for. It would help to answer better if I know what caused the decline in your husband's renal functions and what is he supplementing vitamin C in high doses for? I have written a detailed post in EBNM group which you are welcome to read.

  5. Not surprised, by the time your kidneys have to deal with its metabolites it makes no difference. You would have to be really trying to exceed a gram from ordinary food sources though, unless you start on some of those exotic high concentration sources like camu camu or binge on berries. The only case study I have read of someone doing them selves harm in this way was a man who binged on that synthetic orange drink powder, which is almost pure ascorbic acid. He had such high levels of oxalic acid they asked him if he'd been drinking anti-freeze, because they'd only seen such levels befor in patients who'd done that. Oxalic acid is one of the metabolises of ethylene glycol ( antifreeze ) too.

  6. He has diabetes and cholesterol issues and back last year got pancreatitis from the diabetes. we were told it would be good to put him on that to help with a range of issues he had been having. He currently has 3 whole food vit c tablets that total 240mg/day.

  7. Steven Offord I enjoy reading your very informative comments & wondering what is your background? Hope you don't mind me asking.

  8. Melissa, before supplementing with even the most benign vitamin or mineral, it is very important that body is at its normal alkaline pH and gut is healthy enough to absorb and properly process the supplement. Even kidney functions improve remarkably when patients are put on alkaline diet.

  9. That's very interesting to know. I'll look that up. Thank you!

  10. 1 gram of vitamin C is a pretty high dose and hard to get from whole food supplements unless he's taking very large amounts. Vitamin C us usually measured in milligrams, and a gram is one thousand of them.

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