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This might be a silly question, but here goes: Doritos are gluten free, and I went and ate a chip only to realize they were actually Old Dutch Ariba Chips. I checked the label and the chips had yeast extract, which I have read on here is NOT gluten free. I spit out the chip before swallowing, but I had chewed it a bit. If gluten gets in your mouth is it game over? Or did spitting it out help? I’m new to celiac.

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  1. Baker’s yeast and nutritional yeast are gluten free.

  2. Is Doritos gluten free ?

  3. Yeast is not gluten. Never is gluten.

  4. The only yeast that is unsafe is brewers yeast. All others are fine! Not to worry.

  5. Side question what about autolyzed yeast?

  6. On the scanner app it says it may contain gluten. (just scanned it since it’s in my kitchen) and then these are the two things I found online when I looked them up:

  7. That’s new. They didn’t say GF before.

  8. To my knowledge, not all of them are gf.

  9. Can someone tell me how to find out if doritos are gf in my country?

  10. Yeast extract is fine, brewers yeast is not.

  11. This is the list that’s on their website of all Frito lay gf products

  12. I’ve heard varying opinion on if yeast extract is gf. I would think it’s a tiny, tiny amount so you might be fine, especially if you spit it out, depends on your sensitivity. I didn’t think doritos were gluten free anyway, perhaps for cc.

  13. Yeast extract is gluten free. The end. Doritos are fine as well. So are fritos.

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