DS8 is constantly craving WAY too much salt


Cross post: DS8 is constantly craving WAY too much salt. I know this usually points to a mineral deficiency. Which one though?

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  1. Sodium? lol

  2. Are you hydrated ?

  3. I think that would be an adrenal issue.

  4. Could also be a precursor to POTS.

  5. Someone posted this link here earlier and after watching it some questions have been answered for me. Can I suggest that it could be a good clip for you to watch as it is informative on water & salt. I always crave more & more salt but don't give in to craving but after watching this very educational clip I am changing my whole approach to the "salt" cravings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emHO3NekWLw I'm not saying this is the answer for you but just that it could help you. Good luck.

  6. Adrenal fatigue.

  7. I often crave salt. Since taking mag though,I find im not as thristy.

  8. definitely adrenal issue, drik salty water first thing in the morning, use high-quality himalayan salt

  9. Thanks all! It's not me, it's my DS8. I'll ask him if he has a metal taste in his mouth. He does have an adrenal issue. I will give him salt in the mornings. Yes we only use himalayan salt already. But his food tastes *so* salty! I'll have to address the adrenal issue.

  10. Eagle Wings Laralee Seargeant what is POTS?

  11. Google "Adrenal Cocktail".

  12. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. The body isn't regulating it's minerals or fluid levels well. People with POTS end up not being about to regulate their BP or heart rate when they sit or stand up. My diabetic niece craved salt for a long time before she came down with full blown POTS after an illness. After that illness she had unexplained migrating pain and couldn't stand without symptoms. No one could figure it out until one Dr recognized it as POTS. She now has a port & her mom gives her saline through it every day to keep her salt/fluid high enough to counter it.

    Another niece came down with mild POTS after an illness too. Hers is managed by drinking a lot of water daily and salting heavily.

    I'd read up on POTS. Adrenals are often interrelated to POTS and both require salt.

  13. Laralee Seargeant – pleae check into methylfolate zinc and methylated B vitamins for POTS. My Integeative doc has had great success with this. MTHFR issues can be at play. She had a 70 year old guy who couldn't get out of bed for years. Within 3 months of supplementing was was up and moving around like a new man. My gut tells me POTS is linked to vitamin deficiency, mineral imbalance, and zinc-copper issues correlating with MTHFR. Good luck!

  14. My sister just did MTHFR testing and is working through understanding the results. I'll forward my sisters your input. Thank you!

  15. I've always thought it odd that the majority of POTS patients are women. 15-50. Hormone issues? Birth control messing with copper etc? And the link with POTS occurring after an illness – when your body is very depletes of many things makes sense too. Genes being switched on as a result. Not sure of the entire interplay. But something there very obvious that just hasn't been found yet.

  16. Laralee – there is also something called a ResQGard. A small breathing apparatus you wear around your neck. Before you sit up you breathe in and out of it slowly. It forces you to breathe almost like through a small straw which raises orthostatic pressure. Manufactured by Advanced Circulation Systems. Used by NASA astronauts for post spacflight hypotension. It's by prescription only. But they could check it out.

  17. Thanks for that info Kiesha. My nieces are both 12 & under so birth control is not an issue. They do both have autoimmune issues though. T1 Diabetes & Celiac. I'll pass this info on to them too!

  18. Krista Lawson DS8 = darling son 8 years old. Common shorthand in a lot of the fb groups such as this. DH = darling husband /DD = darling daughter etc

  19. Our ancestors used to take in about 20 grams of salt a day, with no ill effect, when meat was dried and salted. We are babies these days. We hardly take in a skiff of salt a day, and worry so much about even that. We all need more salt. Lots more!

  20. I agree that we need more salt today. We all need real salt, not chemically altered salt. Himalayan Pink Salt, Real Salt. I don't trust sea salt after Fukushima.

  21. Since I increased my pink Himalayan Salt intake dramatically, my cells have become really hydrated, hormone issues stabilized, adrenal issues normal, sleep patterns improved…it really is what our bodies need daily!

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