During flare ups or bad autoimmune days?


What do you guys do during flare ups or bad autoimmune days? Particularly those who have no support. I have a laundry list of things to do, no one to help me and a 2 year old depending on me. I’m trying to get up right now but this is day 4 or more of pushing past symptoms and sucking it up. I’ve been up since 6 am and I could actually quite possible class myself as bed ridden right now. To make things worse. It’s supposed to be “batch cooking week” … I swear there is not a cup of tea big enough ??
– To make it double worse I just posted this accidently to my public fb wall?‍♀️…. I know this will pass, and I thank God I have a strong character mostly… But really I just want to curl up in tears right now. I hate myself for my body reacting like this.

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  1. I have a lot of external stress that I can’t escape right now and its just relentlessly exacerbating the problem

  2. Try to eat clean to avoid flare ups. That way you can be sure to avoid any gluten or other sensitivites associated like dairy intolerance. Try taking a probiotic for gut health as well as a really good vitamin or greens tablet. Once your gut is right the flare ups will be better.

  3. What are your symptoms ?. Mine are bloating, heartburn, short of breath, cramping, and body aches.

  4. I have no words of wisdom for you, only understanding! I am alone with no support and no one to ever help me with anything. I work 7 days a week, at least 12 hours a day. I push through, I suck it up even when all I want to do is lay down and cry. Sick or not, I have to work, no choice. And all the normal things still have to be done like cooking, grocery shopping, laundey, etc. I haven’t been able to even go to the grocery store because I’m exhausted and it’s a major ordeal. I understand what you are going through and I’m sorry. You can always delete the FB post if you haven’t already and it people saw it , maybe they will come help you.

  5. No words of wisdom just prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.

  6. I had a flare up last night..worst one yet and it’s carrying over into today. Can’t get out of bed, whole body aches, blisters all over. I feel your pain, the only thing we can do is not let it take over and ruin our lives. Feel better

  7. My son is 2 as well. It takes all my stregnth latley just to keep up with him. But I do. The house work always seems to be behind latley. As I keep getting sicker the laundry piles up. But I have just excepted that right now I can only do my best. When I start having better days again I will conquer what needs to be done around the house. My boyfriend and family are starting to realize I need more help so they do little things for me. Im a clean freak I love a clean house but latley I just have to exept where I am in life. It is better for the house to be a little messy and for moma to heal than to push myself too hard and have to leave my son while I make yet another hospital trip.

  8. It would be awesome to have a local, in-person, network of fellow celiacs that we could rely on to help each other out at times like this. A group you could call and say I’m having a bad day and one of them would bring you soup, and do an errand or task for you or watch your little one while you took a nap. And then during your good days you could offer a little support to someone having a bad one. Sort of Celiac Doulas. Lol!

  9. There have been some days where I felt I could not go on. I have 6 kids, from 3-16. I work two jobs and my husband works 6 days a week. I haven’t had a break in months.
    First off, my husband knows when it gets really bad for me that I need him to step up in any way possible. He will watch the 3 yo and have the big kids help with her so I can rest. I have also learned to let some things go. Sometimes housework doesn’t get done. That’s okay. Sometimes we don’t eat the most healthy meals, but I still stay gf. I’ll get the kids McDonald’s and I’ll make a salad or eat some gf tuna. I’ve learned that if I’m flaring or just exhausted that it’s okay if my toddler watches YouTube or TV, so I can rest on the couch.
    Make sure you have your vitamin b-12 and d levels checked. Ask for magnesium level to be checked too. Any low levels can seriously increase your fatigue. I have to take b12 shots and oral supplements. Also ask to have your thyroid checked if you haven’t recently. Gentle hugs.

  10. I’m sorry your going through a tough stretch. Just do the important things when your no so strong. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You will get better.

  11. I’m sorry your having such a tough time. Hang in there

  12. A steroid works.

  13. Aww big cuddles ? here is what helps me: cuddles from loved ones, deep breathing and imagining white light washing through my tired or sore body and cleansing it, higher vitamin d3 up to 10,000 iu, magnesium citrate, acidophilus probiotics, gentle easily digestable food, lots of water, calming teas like chamomile with honey, St john’s wort supplement (for anxiety /stress), a good cry, a few minutes of meditation with dim lights and lovely instrumental music xxx

  14. I have a 3 year old who is constant “play with me??” or “watch this!” nothing gets done. I work all week and weekends are just all demands from everyone else. been very depressed last few weeks, so can relate!!

  15. Easy to be overwhelmed, comes down to Priorities. What is the most important to do right now? Do it one at a time. This too shall pass.

  16. Planned to cook batchs today too but got really unwelled after halloween this morning. Send hubby and our 3 yo do groceries for me… its one day at a time. Put you small objectives, some days even healthy parents cant get things done. Listen your body and limits. It will get better with time too. I just focus myself to be happy that I dont have a terminal cancer just a chronic disease that will always make sure I remember to take careof myself, eat well, enjoythings and people I love when I have energy n time. Home tasks can wait.

  17. I prep. That doesn’t help you today. But for the next time.
    I spend 1/2 a day cooking for the week. You can put more than one item in the oven if the temps are the same.
    And then when I just can’t cook, clean, etc. I have something I CAN heat up.
    It’s me and 2 dogs, so no one here on my bad days either.
    Hang in there. You’re not alone

  18. I’ve really learned to “dumb down” my list of responsibilities. I held myself to such high standards that if I didn’t get even one thing done on my giant list, I would think the entire day was wasted. Now, I’m starting to realiZe, it’s ok if I don’t deep clean the bathroom, or the living room doesn’t get dusted, or even laundry as long as I have what I need for work. I never have days now where I think, “hmm, I didn’t get to that, this day was wasted.” I think “well, it may have been small, but I did this and this and this.” And that helps a lot. It took me a long time to assimilate to a new “normal” and I think I am still doing so. The biggest thing that has helped is what you said, it’s ok for things to be different than what you’re used to for you to get the rest or break you need. So many days I still question if I can do it. My best friend sent me a meme that said “you’ve survived every day up until now. Even the ones you didn’t think you could. You will survive today, too.” And it helps. Hugs to you dear, you’re not alone

    everything will work

  19. When I’m feeling good I make sure I’m prepared for these type of days. I keep broth and simple soup in the freezer for an easy meal for myself. I have a recipe for anti inflammatory healing sweet potato soup that I swear by. There is ginger ale and rice crackers hidden in the back of my pantry. I have protein powder on hand and some add-ins that can sustain me when I just can’t cook. For me an order of chicken and rice soup from our local Chinese place is sometimes all I can manage.

    I also make sure there are things in the freezer I can take out for the kids when I just don’t have any energy. And there has been days where I lay on the coach all day and we all just watched movies all day. No shame. My body needed it. Although it’s hard to just relax when you know this was a prep day… 2 is such a hard age to handle when a mom feels ill — they are perpetual motion and mess making machines! Something that used to keep our 2 year old busy for hours was play doh BUT that’s a big NoNo for those with celiac because it’s made with wheat.

    I hate reintroductions because you have to plan them around being able to accommodate a bad reaction. Who the heck has time for that! But at least you know now – nope to milk.

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