Early menopause?


I have a question for the ladies of the group. Interested in knowing whether any of you have experienced early menopause and whether you think it was linked to hashi’s? Thanks in advance

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  1. My ObGyn said I’m pre-menopausial. I’m 44, so I guess that’s about right.

  2. That is precisely how my Hasimoto’s was found.

  3. I was diagnosed at 18. I was having menopausal like symptoms and there was other illness in the family so I went to get checked and that’s how they found it.

  4. Nope. I’m 55 and more regular now than I ever was in my youth.

  5. Ug I can only hope lol,

  6. Menopause came late for me

  7. Late for me.

  8. Nope still going strong

  9. Early for me like my mom, partial and total hysterectomy then hypothyroid then Hashimoto’s.

  10. i went through kindof early, all done at 46. but i have crohns also so not sure which one caused early menopause. so… nice to not have that anymore.

  11. Being given Prempro by GP when I had regular periods, instead of referred to endo sent me into menopause in 3 weeks.

  12. Absolutely! Full-blown menopause at age 43 here. 🙂

  13. Following

  14. Still waiting for that blessed time

  15. Had my left overy removed when I was 26. Have had hashi’s for 30 years. Will be 55 in September and still having irregular periods. Live sucks.

  16. The new endo I just saw this week said that early menopause is more common with Hashi’s.

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