Easing joint inflammation/pain?


What is the most effective thing you have used for easing joint inflammation/pain?

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  1. That's great Maureen tho problem for me is I have some difficulty with amines…so have to be v careful with animal produce that isn't fresh fresh & even then.. Just come out of a 4 day migraine!! due to amine buildup I think…but I seem ok with duck fat & little ghee. I eat about a jar – (medium size) of duck fat a week – I hope that's good for me? Yes the lysine aspect…I should look into that….is it ok to take isolated amino acids…and just any product from the health food store?

  2. Eva Gibbs-Smith that's a fantastic result for you. Amazing. What strength are you taking after two months? Also MJ Hamp how long have you been on it?

  3. Maureen McGovern do you have a list of High, Medium, low Amine foods? This helped me a lot when my sister identified Amines for ME years ago as migraine causing.

  4. I am taking 4.5 now

  5. Michelle Parkinson – well over six years, maybe eight.

  6. Mandy Chadwick I can't seem to find this product anywhere for purchasing. I'm in Australia and thats hard enough but even so still can't find it…………….!? Any thoughts welcome.

  7. Did you try Amazon?

  8. MJ Hamp is the directions for using borax for boron in the files?

  9. yes but Amazon won't deliver supps to Aus it seems……………

  10. Can you buy borax?

  11. Yes when you input yr Australian address it tells you….you can't have it. Some products on iHerb as well. Did you try iHerb for this one Elizabeth Swinburn?

  12. yes Michelle, I did…… I can buy boron in capsules – it just looked like this was a really good product. I have other things from Trace Research Labs…………….but iHerb doesn't stock this – not yet anyway.

  13. You can buy borax at any supermarket in Aus for a few dollars

  14. Yep. In the cleaning section

  15. Thank you Mark Hathaway

  16. You can get bulk borax from blants.com.au too.

  17. Coles is the only supermarket I could find that had it 🙂

  18. This is so interesting but don't understand the abreviations

  19. LDN? ? ?

  20. Coloidal Minerals cured my hips, now do not need a hip replacement, hoorah

  21. LDN = low dose Naltrexone

  22. Thank you MJ

  23. Anna what brand did you take ?

  24. Salonpas pain patches. No heat. 40 small patches @5 bucks

  25. Eliminate dairy products and eat a alkaline diet. Vegan diet is best ( worked for me anyway)

  26. Anna Winter what brand did you take?

  27. Zyflamend!!

    Naltrexone is a drug used to ween off of other drugs and alcohol because it's stop the cravings.

  28. Yes Michelle but they are speaking Low Dose Naltrexone here…way lower than the one used for alcohol addiction.

  29. I'm trying to stay away from anything big pharma. Scares me. I took that for a while and had a terrible metallic taste and it made me feel really bad

  30. For any drug to work, it first needs to overload our built in mechanism for taking out this toxic crap – our liver. How would it work otherwise. So, take your pick :-).

  31. I feel like anything pharmaceutical is only a mask and isn't actually doing its intended job.

  32. You do not have a drug deficiency, you have a metabolic imbalance. Fix the imbalance and your body will heal itself. Just as it is designed to do quite well if only we give it a chance 🙂

  33. I love this stuff, for muscles and skin pain too. Msm, lavender, trace minerals in a plant based cream.

  34. Also, to relieve joint inflammation…cut sugar and grains from your diet and increase magnesium intake.

  35. Did you take low dose naltrexone,Michelle? It can actually help the body heal itself

  36. I have MS and take LDN. While I have not had any huge improvements, neither have I had any exacerbations. I am terrified of most drugs and have even had bad reactions to some herbals 🙁 So there was NO way I was going to take any of the usual MS meds

  37. Low dose naltrexone = LDN

  38. Yes. I don't believe it helps anything rather than tricking the mind and body. And I didn't sleep for months until after I went off it. I'm into holistic homeopathic remedies rather than medications.

  39. Once I eliminated nightshades, my ahes and pains diminished. Turmeric (curcumin) is a great anti-inflamatory.

  40. I made it 4 days gluten free today and FINALLY my pain is subsiding.

  41. I ate tomatoes a couple of days ago and oh boy did the aches and pains hit me hard. Going to have some curcumin to calm things down.

  42. Stop taking what triggers it In the first place, and detox! For me I have learned vaccines trigger my inflammation.

  43. Tomatoes and onions definitely trigger arthritis

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