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Hello lovely people.
I’m here to help my 2 yr. old daughter with eczema, food intolerances, hives and difficulty with bowel movements.
I’ve spent some hours reading old posts, the pinned posts, the photos, and other stuff.
I’m thinking 3times a week bath with Epson salts, borax and baking soda.
Every night mag oil spray on feet.
3 times a day mag phos cell salt.

The cocktail is difficult because she is sensitive to oranges and coconut. She does like lemon water. Would that be sufficient? She is also currently taking bioray loving energy which is to help adrenals.

Also looking at getting bee pollen.

I do breastfeed if that information helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

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  1. Have you gone dairy free? That is usually the first suggestion for elimination for eczema. The rest sounds good although I only know a limited amount about magnesium thus far.

  2. Mag phos can contain lactose. Dairy may not be her friend
    Bone broth can be healing to the gut
    Lemon water is fine. However she can get whole food vit c

  3. Has she always been like that? Maybe she is having issues with you milk, My son did, just a thought

  4. Is she vaccinated? MMR is linked to gastrointestinal problems.

  5. Try eliminating corn. I breastfed and eliminated dairy, then wheat then finally corn and it cleared up gas, diarrhea and her eczema.

  6. My 4 yr old had food intolerances, major sleep problems, hyperactivity, and eczema. We eliminated gluten and dairy and artificial colors and preservatives and his sleep and behavior got better, but surprisingly his eczema got worse. Realized when we went gluten-free that many of those products contain corn. Eliminated that and he is doing wonderfully. He can actually have non-GMO, organic corn chips now too (so it was an intolerance to crap corn rather than a corn allergy).

  7. Also consider joining magnificent mommies…the mag group for moms!

  8. MSM-Sulfur & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). I had a friend do this for her long term asthma.. and in 2 weeks 90% was resolved.. plus she has been off the Rx meds now for 3 months.

    The LDN stopped my severe hives of 8 years that MDs could not figure out. I have been on it 5+ years and don't even take it every day either.

  9. Have you joined the FB group Dairy Free Breastfeeding? Huge resource, even if not breastfeeding.

  10. Gluten free and dairy free mum and bub, that will help enormously.

  11. For my daughter oat baths, coconut oil massages and eczema clothing helped us to manage better. Are you sleeping? We found it tough but better once symptoms relieved and she slept. The body is getting rid off through its biggest organ. Agree with eliminations in diet worth exploring. Explore gut issues – maybe good probiotic will help. Ultimately it was homeopathy that got more to the root for us. Good luck with your journey…

  12. Check out the book 'fed up' by Sue Denegate.
    Will answer everything.
    With recipes and menu plans.
    Amaze balls

  13. Thank you so much for your help everyone. Elimination diet and gut healing has been big for us. Bone broth, probiotics, the works. You have given me plenty to look into. I'm excited for new paths.
    I'm looking into boosting adrenals.

  14. Probiotics helped my sons eczema.

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