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Are there specific tests we can do apart from eliminating gluten or dairy to see if we in fact need to not eat food from these groups?

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  1. I’m so interested if anyone has any info. They tested me for celiacs but I hadn’t eaten gluten in months so it’s not accurate yet they stand by that. Even if I don’t have celiacs I know I have a sensitivity

  2. You can be tested for celiac disease (blood tests and biopsy) but there is no reliable test for non-celiac gluten sensitivity. With dairy products there are actual tests for casein allergy and lactose intolerance.

  3. My Functional Doctor just did a food allergy panel. I was indeed allergic (low level) to wheat and gluten. Not allergic to dairy at all. Allergic to pineapple, asparagus and haddock as well as yeast (baker’s and brewer’s), onion, honey and pepper. My question is since the results were all Class 1 (low level), is it really a problem? The test was done by Alletest.

  4. Actually IgE allergy testing or (unreliable) IgG food intolerance testing?

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