Endocrinologist for my Hashimoto’s?


Question — should I be seeing an endocrinologist for my Hashimoto’s or a rheumatologist? I have been seeing an endo for the past 4 years. My TSH has been from 3.8 to 2.4 to 1.1 to 5.8 to 2.2 to 1.5 to 3.9.

Basically my TSH has been all over the place. All she does is increase my synthroid. I was on 25 mcg from age 10 to age 20. and now i’m taking 175 mcg. I’ve gained 175 lbs in the past 2 years and 60 of those lbs were in 3 months (no i’m not pregnant).

My liver levels have also been high — so the endo put me on metformin to help “protect” my liver and to help with weight loss. They wanted to make a diagnosis on my liver but wanted to put it off to see if once my thyroid levels stabilized and lost some weight, that my liver would be less fatty and my levels would be much lower.

2 years pass and they are not better. I’m 23 and taking several medications. I just had a liver biopsy last Thursday to see if I’m in the early stage of autoimmune hepatitis due to the extensive battle i’ve been with my thyroid levels.

The only dietary suggestions she gave me was to watch my iodine. I’m in the early stages of the AIP diet. This ends is supposedly the best and I’ve had so much patience with her but i’m tired of all this severe adrenal fatigue and inability to lose weight no matter how healthy I eat or workout.

This group has already been so helpful to read about what everyone else is going through. WE are autoimmune warriors!

Suggestions on what’s helped you???? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would see a doctor that practices Functional medicine. Endos usually a bad a treating the thyroid, better at diabetes. Rheumatologist don't treat the thyroid.

  2. An endocrinologist. They specialize in the endocrine system which includes the thyroid.

  3. I've found an endocrinologist who also practices the functional side

  4. It's been more than trying to understand HOW to lose weight,myself gaining 100 lbs in short amount of time,leading myself to LONG waited Endo appt. last July,having doc say,NO QUICK FIX PILL,you must figure this out on your own. Basically,quit food/ drink,with only few items to consume,mainly water,that has now,grown very old,but,continuing with limited intake,having lost 40 lbs,now,STUCK at same,identical,weight for 3 months,while trying. Endless calls to Endo for HELP. Understanding,DESPERATE. Best wishes on any help.

  5. Cutting out gluten helped me the most. If you're doing AIP then I think that will help a lot!

  6. I would see a rheumatologist at least once to rule out other autoimmune diseases like lupus

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