Endocrinologist said my thyroid is dying slowly.


I was diagnosed 4 years ago w Hashi’s. I had the typical symptoms of pain and stinging and swelling in my thyroid, heart palps and tachycardia. Fatigue and shakiness. Rashes..allergies..weight gain. Sinus issues. Headaches. Etc.
I would have flares of Hyper. Heart flip flops. Shakiness. Anxiety. But they would only last a couple wks. And then back to feeling good again . I’ve been on 50mcg. of Synthroid for 4 years. It works well for me.. Last year my Endocrinologist said my thyroid is dying slowly. My numbers haven’t changed much thru these 4years. Well 3 weeks ago I started getting hot flashes w the sweats. Shakey. Nervous. Nite sweats. Throat stinging too! No energy! Then times when I’m fatigued. If I’m lying on the couch I’m fine. But if I get busy..I’m shakey nervous..weakness..sweaty again ?. I’ll be going for blood work next week.
I think I’m in a flare! Definitely having hyper swing..but different

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  1. I was diagnosed in March and I was doing fine until last month. I haven’t felt myself at all fatigue, sadness, no energy headaches. I had my labs checked the 17th they were a little high. Is this normal? Will I feel myself again?

  2. Anxiety too

  3. I think it’s crazy how w hashis we can fluctuate from hypo to hyper. My daughter had it too..she’s 33..and she really never gets hyper. Just hypo. When she gone in to the Dr it’s always a medicine adjustment. Usually a higher dose. I think u made need a higher dose.

  4. I’m 33 too. They want me to reduce my dose on from .50 to .25 on Sunday’s.

  5. I go see my primary Doctor this week.

  6. Crazy..do you have an Endocrinologist?

  7. I do. I’m on my 2nd

  8. Do you ever have trouble swallowing?

  9. Me too lol. My first one 5 yrs ago didn’t want to treat me. But I found one that treats symptoms instead of numbers

  10. That’s what I need.lol

  11. I was in ER a few weeks ago with hypertension and palpitations s the tosh was now hyper all of a sudden as this is called a flare…. It’s awful as no ending understands this ….I hate feeling like my heart is falling or I am going down a roller coaster. My muscles ache and then u get insomnia but are tired…

  12. I get that way and of course the doc says I need hormones and told me to go to a OB/GYN…

  13. See if you can find a dr that will prescribe wp thyroid. Has the least amount of fillers out there right now. In my 23 years with hashis, I have been told that synthroid or levo will not make you any better. Also try going gluten free no sugar and eat clean. Takes a long time but it’s worth it. You should b on good supplements too…probiotic vit d magnesium … Good luck and know you r not alone in this !

  14. Prescribe what thyroid? I’m on nature thyroid and still feel like crap.

  15. I have your exact same symptoms. Curious to hear what your doctor says. I take synthroid and cytomel. I thought maybe I was getting too much cytomel but if your synthroid only that changes my thoughts. I did have 1 doc say. I wasn’t metabolizing meds right therefor the medd stay in my system longer and I can end up having too much med. Made sense but makes it hard to know how often to take meds. I had hot flashes and night sweats and they put me on estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone. Eventually symptoms went away then came back and got worse when I used my creams. Stopped using them and symptoms went away. (I guess my body had all it needed and wasn’t metabolizing so I didn’t need them any more). Then after 6 months of no symptoms they are all back… now creams don’t seem to be doing any good. Skipping meds some days helps but then I started getting other symptoms again like fatigue, constipation, ect. Can’t seem to get everything regulated again. So frustrating.

  16. I feel like this all the time. I’ve never met a doc who could help me, endo or other. Got the best cable I could and live mostly inside. ,

  17. Find an integrative dr to help you clear your gut. Once my gut was clear and I got off of bioidentical hormones I am doing much better. You won’t b able to absorb anything until your gut is clear. Then takes time to get the hormones out of your system Stay clean with your diet…key! No gluten dairy sugar. It’s a long road but well worth it! Trust me … I’m certainly not 100% but antibodies lowering, sleep better most of the time, and I don’t get hot flashes anymore (ssh! Don’t want to jinx it!) and on wp thyroid. The cleanest out there right now. Good luck to you and so grateful for this site!

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