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How long does it usually take for your Endocrinologist to get back to you on test results? It’s almost been two weeks since my visit with him. I received the last of my test results on Monday morning online, and it is Friday and I still have not heard from him. It is so frustrating! Last Friday he leaves me with “You have a small nodule on your thyroid based on the ultrasound, and you definitely have an autoimmune thyroid disease, but we have to wait for the last test result to come in to figure out the right treatment…”

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  1. I saw a new doctor last week and she told me it would take about 3 weeks for all the test to come in. I’m receiving the test results daily. 7 vials taken so I don’t know if there are more to come or not. And I don’t know if she is looking for one or more things on the test. So maybe I am seeing on part of what was tested.

  2. All of my results are in. The last test he needed to look over was my TRAB test. This would indicate whether I had Graves or Hashimoto’s. Based on the results, it seems to be Hashimoto’s, but I want to hear it from him!

  3. Did he say he would call you. She said she would call me after she looked at all of them and determined what we would do. However I don’t have any nodules and I would want to know something sooner if I had the information you were left with. You might call the office on Mon and see what you can find out. I would hope they would understand.

  4. Call every morning and ask to speak with his assistant or nurse for an update. I hate to say it but I had the same problem. Yes I am annoying and they did get frustrated…But when I finally got in for my next appointment I explained they they were triggering more anxiety for me when all results are in and it’s been over 3 days.

  5. Nodules are quite common in Hashimoto’s, don’t worry. You will take hormones and be ok, as most of us.

  6. I’m on LDN…..love it. Check out the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Hashimotos group

  7. Mine took few weeks to get back, I’m not good at waiting I called all of the time.

  8. My endo is great. I get my lab results next day. I can also access them on their website.

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