Endometriosis causes my immune system to be weak


I have posted here before and everyone was a big help. As a lot of you know, I’m 25 and have stage 4 endometriosis. My endometriosis causes my immune system to be weak and I’m constantly getting sick. What can I do or take to keep my immune system up? I’m a mom of two and work two jobs so I know that’s stressful as well. I’m starting to have no energy besides all the pain I’m in. Any suggestions would be super helpful!

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  1. Lots of whole food vitamin C. Also if possible, make yourself some homemade elderberry syrup. You can buy it also if you don't have time. I'm not sure what foods you need to avoid but taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a day and/or lemon water daily is good for immunity. Also chaga mushroom, which has medicinal qualities – you can buy chunks online and make tea. Have you looked into candida and iodine deficiency? I hope you can find some relief very soon.

  2. Inflammation and pain relief. Tumeric user group

  3. Remove wheat from your diet

  4. Possible adrenal fatigue?

  5. Cutting out sugar and processed foods really helped my autoimmune diseases since they're so inflammatory. I did not cut wheat, but started using natural yeast (sour dough) to bake mine and it helped immensely. I also cut out anything with parabens to help my endometriosis (I wasn't told a stage). But, I don't mean to get too personal so take it fwiw, the best thing for my endometriosis was Mirena if that's an option for you.

  6. Iodine, join the iodine group and read books recommended. One is Iodine why you need it and why you can't live without it, Dr. Brownstein.

  7. Sugar and gluten free if you aren't already. An autoimmune elimination diet if you can.

  8. howsur stomach acid ? try beta hcl

  9. non-acidic Vit C by Bronson Labs, crystal powder excellent..

  10. Definitely an autoimmune elimination diet. After just 2 months on the Autoimmune Protocol, my endometriosis symptoms completely disappeared (as did my arthritis symptoms!) 🙂

  11. For endometriosis have you tried Serrapeptase?

  12. Has anyone tried oregano oil tablets and if so where do you buy them? I'm in uk

  13. Read the following link discussing Dr Terry Wahls' diet. She recovered from Multiple sclerosis on it. Lots of useful dietary advice plus a link to her talking about mitochondria health. Really useful info IMO


  14. A suggestion. Get your thyroid function checked. An underactive thyroid can cause fatigue, and lead to all sorts of menstrual issues. Myself, and friends who suffered these issues found they cleared up, once we were treated for hypothyroidism.

  15. Apologies if I'm repeating anyone else's suggestions! My immune system became compromised about 10 years ago and I have learned the following for myself:
    1) sugar and alcohol practically guarantee I will catch whatever is going around. Booooooooo!
    2) after doing some research online I learned that clinical efficacy for echinacea is double the dosage suggested by my brand's manufacturer (Vogel). A voila! Sudden enormous efficacy! Can be taken cyclically for 10 days or so or remedially whilst feeling the effects of anything and for a couple days after.
    3) a tiny (think quarter teaspoon), daily dose of high strength manuka honey keeps the doctor away, not an apple. : )
    4) vitamin C WITH ZINC is a serious, badass, butt-kicking little friend for when you know you have started to come down with something.
    Good luck!

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  20. Beta Glucan, I swear by this and get it from this company, which I found on the show Know the cause.com ….. http://www.nsc24.com/

  21. this is from Yale trained doctor, herbalist and midwife Aviva Romm on endometriosis. Well worth to consider her article http://avivaromm.com/endometriosis-natural-approach

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  23. Everyone is so helpful on this site! I love it!

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