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Hey everyone my name is Ferrari and I currently live in Toronto, Canada! First of all I’d like to say hi and hope everyone is in good health. I would like to share my story. After suffering for many years with fatigue and depression I was finally diagnosed in summer 2015 with hypothyroidism after feeling sick and having vertigo and migraines. I was given a generic levothyroxine named eltroxin which made my symptoms worse. When I say worse I mean I was disabled with horrible fatigue vertigo and suicidally depressed. I changed my doctor and got a hashimotos diagnosis. I got switched to synthroid and quickly learned my body is sensitive to synthroid. I was given a 0.075 mcg dose and began having hyper symptoms (remember I’m hypo) now I’m on 0.025 mcg it’s been a week and the hyper symptoms are going away slowly. My main issues right now are depression and apathy. I feel whatever about life and don’t have energy to do jack squat. I have been reading about cytomel (t3) and how it helps hypothyroidism patients who struggle with depression also. My question is the doctors here aren’t very helpful or cooperative. How can I get that prescribed to me? Also how can I get LDN prescribed? Most doctors don’t know about it here. What have people done here for energy and motivation? Thank you!

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  1. Good luck from UK

  2. What are your TSH, free T4 and free T3? You can’t convert adequate T3 if you don’t first have adequate T4.

  3. So I’m on 175 mcg of synthroid and 10 mcg of cytomel. My understanding from my endo is that cytomel is for people that have trouble converting t4 (synthroid or generic) to usable hormone. In that case it would make sense if they didn’t want to prescribe it for your situation. My levels stay on the low side no matter how much synthroid I take until they introduced cytomel. It’s certainly not perfect but helps with some symptoms for sure. Mainly energy!

  4. I also had a horrible reaction to the different t4 meds that I tried: Levoxyl, Tirosint, and Synthroid. The same thing happened to me. I felt great for a day or two, then I started having hyper symptoms and my
    Blood pressure shot up to scary levels of 200/120. They kept trying to start me on lowest doses and after about a week on the meds, the symptoms came back. Finally a doctor put me on NDT, Nature Throid. I started and 1/8 grain and worked my way up to 2 grains which I’ve been on for about 4 years now. I handle it much better but had to start slowly. My blood pressure never became high on these and I felt so much better. I hope you are able to get it figured out soon!

  5. Look into “tirosint”.. its amazing.

  6. Selenium helps convert the two. Also look into A changing your diet B a less synthetic form of thyroid med and C I am so thankful for LDN . It made my life go from gray and to living in color if that makes sense

  7. NDT did not help me my T4 went up my T3 was not helped and very low

  8. Some people find that armor thyroid, or nature-throid, helped them when nothing else did. It is such an individual thing. It would be nice if it were simpler, but you will finally find out what works for you. It seems to take some of us a long time, though.

  9. It is rare for men to have hashimoto, how old are you??

  10. Oh I wish you happiness and a balance in you <3

  11. Cardea health in buffalo ny will prescribe those for you it’s only 1.5 hours from Toronto call them

  12. First my naturopathic doc prescribed ldn then my D.O. took over. I have not had luck getting cytomel

  13. Ferrari, I’m sorry that you’re struggling so much. I’m sure most of us have been in your exact place with this frustrating disease. I have been on everything from levo, 260 mg of NDT, and my new endo took me all the way back to 112mcg of tirosant (no fillers but pricey) with 5mcg of Cytomel. The only difference in my bloodwork on the extreme dose swings is my TSH. What I’ve found for me was getting on hormones. Maybe you need your testosterone checked? I get testosterone, dhea, and estrogen every 13 weeks. I get bhrt pellets, and once I got balanced, it helped significantly. I still can’t get many of my hormones balanced, but the crippling fatigue and the depression lifted within weeks. Not everyone agrees with this, but it’s what I’ve got to do to function. Just keep learning from others (I learned more from the group’s than any Dr) be blessed!

  14. I’m from Canada too (not far from you). I’m struggling with the t4 meds too. I provided my dr with reference pages from the internet on LDN and called a local pharmacy and got names of Drs who prescribe it so she could call and talk to them. She agreed. So far I’m not noticing a difference but I’m going to give it some time. Also I had my dr set up a monthly lab panel of tsh, antibodies, ft4, ft3 and it’s shown over time that my t3 is dropping despite using t4’s (I’ve tried eltroxin, compounded levo and NDT but the NDT caused a horrible flare and the levo is now making me sick feeling too). I did get t3 prescribed from a functional dr but if you demonstrate a conversion issue your dr will likely be open to it. Look for a good endo. You should have lots in Toronto with all the great hospitals there. Also get a naturopath. They can help you with leaky gut and lifestyle changes. Lots of my depression and anxiety came from a bad gut. After 6 mths of healing it both went away.

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