Epsom salt and baking soda baths?


I have a friend whose grandchild, I believe, is experiencing vaccine damage. He is 2 now, but shortly after his 18 month vaccines has experienced a decline in vocabulary, has developed obsessive and aggressive behavior, seizures and they have now been told his immune system is not working at all. He has no titers for past vaccines. The grandmother is concerned about the possibility of this being caused by the vaccines. She and I have talked extensively about vaccine damage but I don’t have a clue of what direction to point her in. All I can think of is some way to begin to detox his little body. Epsom salt and baking soda baths? Thanks everyone. You all in this group are so helpful with your suggestions and past experiences.

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  1. 🙁 Breaks my heart and makes me so scared for my grands.

  2. I know Tammy! Back when he had the 18 month vaccines and she posted on FB that he screamed for days, I began worrying about this for her. I have watched this child deteriorate and feel so helpless. My grand is 4 and has yet to have any vaccines. At first they said they were just going to delay. Now, I think they will not vaccinate at all.

  3. Oh, I wish I could convince mine to even delay them….but, they are going ahead with them. I pray so hard each time.

  4. Here is a good article. It is long but full of good info. First and foremost: good gut health and I would look into a TINY amount of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) like 1/4 tsp (I would really research this, I know DE is good for people, but do not know the dosage for children.
    It is all about diet now.

  5. This is another good one. I am on the fence about vaccines and glad I don;t have to make the choice now but my daughter (late 20's) might have children.
    This article tells you how to get healthy BEFORE you conceive and more about fixing the gut. Good info.

  6. Work on the gut. Vaccines can cause antibodies to attack the gut wall causing similar to Crohn's disease. He will not be absorbing nutrients properly. Supplement major nutrients. Give a probiotic. Resveratrol will turn the immune system back on, preferably japanese knotweed source.

  7. Report to Vaers as well please https://vaers.hhs.gov/index

  8. Check the group Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines and their website: http://www.greatmothersquestioningvaccines.com
    . You'll find answers there and lots of help and info!

  9. homeopathy is supposed to be great for vaccine damge….

  10. My son as well had vaccine reactions, reversing while 13 months old to absolute silence. Heavy metal & gut absorption issues were dealt with a high quality probiotic– NOT L.Bacsilis (Bifida colonies can be developed with a 10 day run but Lacto's generally not proven to set up colonies 5xBvsL formulas work best). Chlorella & cilantro/coriander drops helped strip the heavy metal from the blood & organs– in 2 weeks these had him talking again but until I did regular probiotics his remnant autism symptoms were easy to see in annual IEP reviews. This year the school counselor had a reactive shock disbelief hearing my son had ever been dx'd with Aspberger's — he's cuddly, and sweet just a little issues with phonics & reading but doing well socially.

  11. Oh no. Every case I read about where there is suspected vaccination damage seems to happen after that dreaded 18 month round. 🙁

  12. All mine got the vaccines as thats all I knew but I have refused the cervical cancer one. My Gp at the time of the baby/toddler/child vaccines use to do 2 visits and not just give 3 injections in one go, don't know if this helped or not.

  13. Take a look at the amazing work Dr. Amy Yasko is doing. I have worked with children with ASD for the past 20 years and have witnessed mothers recover their children using alternative approaches. It makes a difference but is a long lonely road sometimes. Best wishes.

  14. Colostrum, beta glucans, magnesium. You have two years to file with the vaccine court, get a good attorney and a better DAN doctor

  15. Get the HTMA to document at least the heavy metals… as well as providing a path to rebalance. And, have the parents join this group.

  16. This documentary is free online for a few more days. Vaccine damage is out of control. http://boughtmovie.net/free-viewing/thank-you.php?AFFID=&email=

  17. There is so much wonderful info here. Is there a way to save this thread?

  18. Bookmark this thread by clicking on the date/time at the top of it.

  19. Julie, I see your concern, but isn't the Mom dealing with this and a dr.?

  20. Holly Gaskill, the child is seeing several different drs – allergist, neurologist, sleep disorder dr, imunologist, ENT – and had many tests run. Autism has even been mentioned, but of course no mention of any correlation to vaccines and toxins. I was just asking this group about possible ways to at least start a gentle detox on the child with magnesium or epsom salt baths. Just something to start with. None of these drs seem to even know where to start.

  21. Patricia Elizabeth You can also highlight all the post and all the comments with your cursor, then press control-C…. open an email and press control-V and copy the entire thread into the email and send it to yourself!!

  22. Sirah Morgan, would you PM me with more information on the probiotics you used and the cilantro/coriander drops. Thank you!

  23. Happened to my youngest. She's almost eleven and reads and spells on a second grade level. Speech delayed until 4 although prior to 18m vaccines was saying three word sentences. She's on the spectrum, has sensory processing disorder, highly sensitive, and more. Unfortunately, the families who are suffering the consequences are re ones who are vilified in the media.

  24. There's a group called recovering children.com | biomedical healing. It's closed but the only group that comes close to being as helpful as this group.

  25. Be very careful chelating with cilantro without professional supervision.

  26. After my daughter's 15 month check-up we noticed she started talking less and after the 18 month check-up (Ialso gave her a lot of Tylenol at that time) she started withdrawing into her self – avoiding eye contact and crazy behaviors, never called me mom, extremely loud and hyper, couldn't even walk through Wal-Mart because of screaming. I started researching what to do for ADHD and found the GAPS diet, and realized she had signs of autism. We started the GAPS diet that week. It's been the hardest year of my life, but it worked on a lot of her problems. She's very talkative now, very smart, came out of her "own world

  27. do some research on diamaceous earth, someone posted a great artiice yesterday, but I can't find it yet – here is another one: http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php

  28. Check out this facebook page. I bet you they can help and point her in the right direction in terms of reversing the effects, diet etc. https://www.facebook.com/GMAOQV?ref=ts&fref=ts

  29. I think this is the recovering kid website. http://www.recoveringkids.com

  30. increase antioxidants! find a good multivitamin with trace minerals. I just started using natural calm for my daughter.

  31. DO NOT JUMP INTO CHELATION! Find a DAN Doctor plz!

  32. My son had a bad reaction to MMR vaccine 18 years ago. I suggest a HTMA and other tests to see his mineral status.

  33. Sirah Morgan, I have a question I'd like to ask you. I sent you a pm if you don't mind. It may be in your "other" box of private meassages. Thank you!

  34. Working with a CEASE therapist, maybe?

  35. I know someone with a 1yr old, she is doing a wonderful job with feeding her child organic veggies, etc. reads labels but she was not able to breastfeed and I know she was/is magnesium defiecent (she suffers from headaches daily, for years) she also has a ton of mercury in her mouth……….she is very open for all things re her kid, but he has had vaccines and she will do the gamut. I don't judge her at all but what can she do starting right now to protect him? what probiotics and should she give him a wee bit of DE. I did get her to start epsom salt baths for awhile now (magnesium made her headaches worse ugh) thanks all!

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