Epsom salt foot baths


Epsom salt foot baths; anyone find any non plastic containers to use?

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  1. I have a ceramic coated metal pan, that I found in my parents stuff. I'd check resale shops for things like that.

  2. Try the enamel coated liner of a roaster.

  3. A glass cake pan

  4. Pyrex glass pans, casserole dishes, storage containers, etc. work for me.

  5. Great ideas!! Thank you!

  6. Plastic dish pans are the right size usually

  7. Good question. I was thinking the same thing. Epsom salts is ok in my plastic dish pan but magnesium chloride is melting the plastic.

  8. Never thought about this before. Should we avoid using plastic containers for foot soaks?

  9. I use an old antique ceramic basin

  10. How about a roasting pan? May try that.

  11. Are we NOT to use plastic??

  12. I bought jumbo sized ceramic salad bowls from a kitchen shop….. I love them for foot soaks

  13. Is metal bad? I got a stainless steel bowl 8 qt from Amazon

  14. Thanks get a stainless steel beverage tub.

  15. Large frying pan?

  16. I fill the tub enough to cover my feet while showering and put in 1/2 cup Epsom salts. After shower I stay in tub and use pedicure foot brush another 5 min.

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