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What is the difference between using Epsom salts and magnesium chloride in your foot soak?? Thank you!

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  1. The two are different compounds with varying chemistry.

  2. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. If you have trouble with sulfur, magnesium chloride might be better for you. The magnesium is bound with either sulfate or chloride. For some folks there is no difference and for others who are sensitive, it makes a difference. It all depends on your individual body.

  3. Yes, sulfate many may have issues and it detoxes the body.

    We choose chloride to restore and it works fast.

    But you must rememeber to take the co factors of magnesium.


  4. Thank you so much!! I have no issues with sulfate that I know of. Would you say the chloride is a stronger option? And how much do you suggest using?
    Thank you for the reminder, most days I do the cofactors!

  5. I had a reaction to "sulpha" drugs and I can't take them. Is this related?

  6. We tend to use Epsom salt for detox and mag chloride for raising mag RBC.

  7. Took my first mag chloride flake bath last night and I could totally tell the difference. I think I'm going to like the flakes a lot more than Epsom!

  8. Not sure if you saw this…

    I personally have been using 31% mag under my arms, inside legs, bat wings, any thing skin areas, after baths and showers. I have been research for a while and found this to be helpful.

    Studies have found that we can absorb up to 64% of what is applied on our skin or more. This is 2-3 times more absorption than internal ingestion of magnesium. Especially if you have gut issues, bugs, genetic inability to absorb mag in the gut, etc.
    Not only that but another study showed that our underarms and genitalia absorb up to 100% of what is applied topically.

    After researching this topic I found another very interesting piece of information. Another study found that 31% magnesium chloride solution applied topically had incredible results for both increasing magnesium levels in the human body as well as balancing magnesium/calcium (Ma/CA) ratio. The ratio of magnesium and calcium in your body is very important for many biochemical processes. The pilot study found that from applying magnesium chloride 31% solution to the skin that 89% of the patients saw an increase in cellular magnesium levels and 100% saw an better balance of the calcium to magnesium ratio in the body. This trial lasted for 12 weeks and the patients sprayed 20 sprays a day of this magnesium chloride solution topically.

    Knowing all this the best way to increase your magnesium levels in your body as well as your CA/MA ratio you can simply do this by spraying a 31% magnesium chloride solution under your armpits for 3 months (12 weeks) straight. To add to this if you use this spray in a bath with warm (preferably purified) water you can open your pores and receive a higher percentage absorption of the magnesium once again. I should have a book on magnesium and how to get the most into your body in usable form already! This information is so valuable for your health and unfortunately no one is really discussing it and optimizing it for you to get the best results fastest, I will continue to do so though!
    If you have sensitive skin you can do 15% mag chloride with benefits just takes longer.

    Cofactors are KEY!


  9. No I did not see this. Great information, thanks for posting!! There was a thread about a week go on a woman that was doing foot soaks twice a day with magahol. And I have been doing that however that requires lots of vodka. LOL. I have felt really good this last week and the moons in my fingernails are rapidly returning!!! I think going forward the magnesium chloride foot soak will be my choice.

  10. While you all are focusing on transdermal Mg chloride….. keep an eye out for too much chloride. Balance is key and the chloride is important to consider as it is another electrolyte.

  11. Very good point MJ, I check mine every 60 to 90 days. Via basic CMP $29. http://requestatest.com/comprehensive-metabolic-panel-testing

    Common electrolytes that are measured by blood testing include sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate.

    Stay WELL hydrated.

  12. Where do I find more info and dosage for co factors?

  13. MJ has an amazing website I send many too. http://Www.my-magnesium.com for cofactors

  14. I have noticed I always put on approximately 1 kg of weight the day following an Epsom salts bath. The next day it's gone. I'm assuming it's fluid retention. What would be the reason for this?

  15. Does Epsom salt and mag chloride in a foot bath have a laxative effect?

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