Espsom vs msg chloride flakes…


Espsom vs msg chloride flakes…

I was about to buy 100 pounds of chloride flakes in bulk…then I saw that Morley recs plain ole Epsoms on his site for replenishing mag. Epsoms are tempting because Costco carries them 12 pounds for $7! Cheap!

So someone convince me that I need to buy the much more expensive mag chloride flakes?

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  1. Morley just recently said the Magnesium Chloride Oil is superior to Epsom Salts.

  2. Morley Robbins, did I read that correctly?

  3. Everything I heard was that chloride flakes were better than Epsom, but when i saw that he recs Epsom on his site, I got all excited bc how cheap they are at Costco!

  4. Get both and alternate 🙂

  5. I figure the oil is better but mainly wondering about the flakes vs Epsom

  6. I have both and alternate. Morley has told me that Epsom is better for detox, mag chloride is better at getting mag levels up. We all need a little bit of both of them 🙂

  7. They both will help replenish mag levels. Win win either way.

  8. Sierra Hayes, Kristin Merizalde and Liz A. Mizerik I like the way you think! Get both and alternate. Genius!!

    Good to know that both are good for different purposes.

  9. Amber Pesce, one of my girls use this sometimes for her hair and it works beautifully.

  10. While we are at it, is it possible to OD on high strength mag baths?

  11. Hmm, I wouldn't think so because people swim in the sea and oceans, BUT I suggest you drink a large glass of water before and have one near to drink during you bath. You don't want to get dehydrated 🙂

  12. I do both. Alternate and make mag-a-hol with the MgCl. Safe step 8300 is a 50# bag for 35$ at AceHardware. They can order if they don't have it on stock.

  13. Whaaa? You can get it at ace? I was about to buy 32 lbs of Ancient Minerals on Amazon for $150!
    Sure the ace product is pure enough?

  14. It is 99.99% MgCl. I also order a small amount of ancient minerals for the mag-a-hol that I drink in my tumeric wine. But I have also drank the SafeStep.

  15. Did not know that Costco carried Epsom, will have to check it out!

  16. I use Epsom Salts in my bath, as it is cheaper, and the mag chloride in a basin for foot soaking. I keep it ready to use in the bathroom all the time. Oftentimes if I wake in the night and can't go back to sleep my feet are hot, and that keeps me awake, as well. I will get up and soak my feet in the room temp water. It feels cold to me at, and cools my feet, plus adds the mag to my body. The result is that usually I can sleep well when I return to bed. A quarter cup in the basin is all that I use, and I reuse it many times before replenishing it.

  17. Epsom is to (more) draw out toxins and chloride is (more) to get the mg IN although they both help to a degree

  18. I put both in my bath

  19. Ammi Y'srael you have a mag bar! x3C3

  20. Epsom Salts are Magnesium Sulfate. Magnesium Chloride is Magnesium paired with a salt. Epsom salts are cheap and easy to soak in for baths. Mag Chloride is what folks typically use to make Mag-a-Hol.
    and what Rhonda Jenkins Faith said.

  21. Lol. I actually do have a mag bar and health bar. It's a glass front antique cabinet with all good healthy concoctions. 😀

  22. @Ammi Y'srael how you order it?
    I have been trying at acehardware and is not avalaible online I went to the store and same thing :/

  23. I muscle test to always soak in mag sulfate – epsom. So I make that into a saturated solution as well for rinsing scalp and hair, and for transdermal, with coconut oil over the top and particularly int he summer, keep also a foot soak for cooling, and mag transdermal and detoxing.
    I will be making magohol to try first time, after reading everyone's experiences, and knowing that stoichiometry – wise epsom will not combine the same, so back to some of the safe step. I did use the safe step for bathing, and just had the gut feel epsom was better, so retested with muscle testing and still, I test to use epsom in soaks of all kinds, and hair.
    I have high hopes for results with magohol on loosening things that I am accustomed to, like tight neck and shoulder muscles, tight spine muscles, crunched spinal column from sitting too much, jaw and face tension. I do test positive to use the magohol now.

  24. They order it in store and ship to the store.

  25. Ammi Y'srael have you ordered the safe step 8300 recently? Looks like it's discontinued from what I can see. Cant find it anywhere, even calling Ace and Ace's website.

  26. Found it on Wal-Mart site for $58. (It's listed at price of $17.97, but shipping is $40). Still way cheaper than ancient minerals!

    I'm stiilll scared though since its an outdoor product. Even though I know it says 100% mag chloride.

  27. Hey guys, I emailed and called SafeStep to make sure that the red bag (8300) and the green back (SafePet Pro) were the same. She confirmed that they are both the EXACT same product, only packaged and marketed differently, and they charge more for the green bag because people are looking for something safe for their pets, even though the red bag IS safe. (She told me all of this up front.)

    She also said that the 8300 Mag is not discontinued. I thought it was because I couldn't find it anywhere. But now that I know SafePet is the same thing, I may just pay more for that at ACE, with free shipping, instead of paying less for the red bag and $40 shipping!

  28. Amber Pesce thanks for doing the research!

  29. No prob. I emailed them because I couldn't' find the red bag to order for store delivery on the ACE website. They only have the green bag listed. If you have any trouble, ask your local store manager, because I live in the south and my ACE store manager located a bag in an Alabama warehouse for me. Much cheaper than Ancient Minerals.

    ALSO, I asked Safe Step where their mag chloride comes from, and she said 100% Utah, dug up from the lake or lake areas!!

  30. Do both! When I use magnesium chloride in the bath a small scoop can put me right to sleep, in the water!! Not with Epsom salts.
    Now when I have a bath with mag chlor I take sole water before that way it doesn't throw off the adrenal ratio mg/Na.
    So I know when the use the mg chlor in the bath I know it I'd absorbing just by feeling sleepy.

  31. Terri Stott I've wondered about why sometimes it seems like transdermal mag chloride makes my anxiety worse and sometimes it helps it! I think I was told in the past that it can throw off your potassium balance, which could cause anxiety. Is this what you are talking about? And what is sole water?

  32. (it could just be all in my head, since I take so many supplements and I'm losing track of what is doing what.)

  33. Amber…..Sole water….super saturated salt water.
    They all have to be balanced. I don't seem to know to do it. I need help.

  34. Again while we are on the subject of Safe Step, has Morley ever stated an opinion on using that product? Don't wan to tag him if he's already answered that question…if anyone knows.
    Seems perfectly fine to me. Even Ancient Minerals says that their flakes for bathing are not 100% pure like their mag oil is.

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