Estrogen dominance?


Estrogen dominance? I have a friend with an enlarged thyroid, nodules, hair loss, fatigue, loss of interest in life, and she is very estrogen dominant. Her thyroid levels came back within normal ranges and tested negative for Hashimoto’s. She is searching for answers and is very frustrated. She is 40 years old and a mother of 3 boys. Does anyone know about estrogen dominance and what causes it? How can it be treated? Is it likely that she has a thyroid problem?

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  1. Good question! I just had a saliva test done to check my hormone levels. She may need to have that done. I think saliva testing is the most accurate. Good luck to her!

  2. She could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. There is an Estrogem Dominance versipn and her symptoms match. I have PCOS and got that diagnosed before my thyroid problems.

  3. Yes, I have it. Was originally diagnosed with PCOS, but it has symptoms (like facial hair) that I don’t have. I had a hormone test, and found that estrogen by-products were not getting detoxed. I am taking DIM for that. After further digging we learned that progesterone was also low. For the first time in years I am feeling like myself again, but it has been two years of research and testing and trial and error to get to this point. BTW, hair loss can be low thyroid and/or low iron. In my case it was both. I switched to T3 only (my numbers were very subtly off due to RT3 – they looked low-normal) and stopped aggressively chelating heavy metals so I didn’t lose so much iron.

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