Even if it’s gluten free I still get stomach cramps


Does anyone else have a problem with all food, it doesn’t matter what I eat even if it’s GF I still get stomach cramps and horrible bloating.

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  1. Fruit and raw veggies is where I’m at right now because most food is making me sick. I went on a shopping trip for meat last month and now I can’t stand the thought of eating it

  2. Could be additional other food sensitivities. I learned soy and dairy are also problematic for my body.

  3. Maybe you have ibs too?

  4. I stay away from processed foods.

  5. Bloating and can’t go

  6. seems like my daughter does….but there are so many hidden names in ingredients so I think that’s our issue..plus a lot of processed foods seem to be the worst for hidden names 🙁 We are having her re tested for food next week and then seeing a Pedi GI Dr. It’s so frustrating not being able to pinpoint these things

  7. I might have mentioned this before. I take digestive enzymes before every meal. I also take a lot of magnesium at night so I can go. If I get really bloated, I take Chlorophyll. It’s a bitch. Processed foods are really bad! Restaurant food is usually a problem. I just eat a little bit at a time. I don’t like to cook but I have to.

  8. I don’t have that issue, but if I did I would reach out to my doctor and ask some questions in hopes of resolving it. I am sorry your tummy is acting up on you, I hope you find the answers you need soon and start feeling better.

  9. Hey but please try l glutamine at empty stomach in morning ad at bed time and make smoothies with fruit and drinks kumbucha I start feeling better with those

  10. Yeah.. digestive enzymes help some

  11. Same 🙁

  12. i do and its terabble i dont know wht to eat now

  13. Yes….I stay hungry

  14. Yes 😣\nI. Hate. Food.

  15. I did! I went to a holistic Nutritionist that specializes in CD & got my blood tested for other sensitivities. I had to cut out a number of things but I am happy I did

  16. Cut dairy !!

  17. Yes its like that when u accidently glutened unself… Atleast in my case

  18. I too have the same ni matter how hard I work at eating clean. Found out pptatos are a prpblem which means potsto starch which is in alot of gluten free foods. I now just follow a ketogenic diet and take supplements to help reduce the inflamation. I found really just sticking to shopping on the outside on the outside aisles of the grocery store works (middle aisles is where all the packaged items are) helps.

  19. I did but the longer I am GF the less it’s a problem for me .

  20. It sounds like you have other food allergies. My functional med doc helped me with the elimination diet so I was able to determine my food allergies. A lot of people with Celiac Disease also have an MTHFR gene mutation, which means they should eliminate corn products, too.

  21. Yes! And my doctors just have given up trying to figure out what it is and claim I am relapsed #usedtohaveaneatingdosorder

  22. Look into the FODMAP diet. It helped me so much with bloating. My biggest triggers are avocado, onion, apples, pears and nuts. Obviously, cruciferous like broccoli and cauliflower as well as legumes are pretty bad too.

  23. Over active immune system, so yes you will react to most food. When I first went GF 20 years ago, I reacted to water, severe reflux. Take all foods out with high allergy potential, including grains sugar dairy eggs soy all processed foods etc… eat organic everything, veggies, fruits (not too much) clean meats and let your body heal. Non organic food has high potential for glyphosate and it does the same thing to the gut as gluten, maybe worse. FODMAP may be necessaryBUT do not do that for long, because it contains the foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut and are absolutely essential for healing the gut. Also there are different groups of FODMAPS and not everyone has trouble with all of them. Not the easy path but the only one that works.

  24. Yes I do and FODMAP didn’t help me.

  25. Same! Plus the runs. I don’t get it

  26. Absolutely everything and my husband says I ALWAYS say my stomach hurts or is so full. I don’t even realize I mention it. I get terribly bloated no matter what I eat and I follow gluten and dairy free diet, I avoid eggs and garlic too. I am a pain in the tushy to go out to eat with and I HATE IT!!

  27. I am nearly 6 months after my diagnosis and still get sudden bloating every now and then ,\nActually I was thinking about posting this and came across your post . So it’s not just me then . I was worried why …
    So uncomfortable

  28. 9 years and counting, everyday.

  29. You may need to look at the autoimmune diet. Or Paleo. Makes a difference to me. Im crohns, lactose and GF.

  30. yes all the time,going on 7 years now

  31. No not me, just some things but the pinned post helped sum that up!

  32. Do you drink enough water?

  33. Look into histamine intolerance.

  34. Didn’t have a reaction to any food yesterday, but I barley ate:/

  35. Yes! I had to have IGE test – food allergy test. Found out I am allergic to milk /dairy. Always assumed I was lactose intolerant but was allergic

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