Everytime I eat a meal I get heart palpations


I’m hoping someone can help me out. Everytime I eat a meal I get heart palpations and my already high heart rate goes even higher, it was just 132 when I took it, blood pressure was 121/85. I know I’m not accidentally getting glutened everytime so it has to be something else. I eat pretty healthy so i don’t think it’s my diet, my BMI is 20.5. I tried eating small portions but still get the palpations and fast heart rate. Anybody know what could cause this?
Edited to add: It’s not anxiety, I have that under control

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  1. Anxiety? You’re anticipating it, could contribute to it

  2. Maybe you are getting anxious about being glutened and causing the symptoms. I have palpitations and if I get anxious, they get much worse.

  3. I experience this as well I was also told anxiety to eating

  4. Aside from anxiety anyone know what could it be?

  5. Thyroid problems (maybe)

  6. Thyroid issues for sure and make sure you are hydrated. Dehydration can cause fast heart rates too.

  7. Thyroid or other food allergies/sensitivities. Dairy? Nightshades? Grains? Look into the wheat belly group on FB 🙂

  8. I believe the reason people said anxiety was you mentioned it only happens when you eat.

  9. I’m discovering nightshades (mostly tomatoes) give me palpitations after I eat

  10. I’m throwing this out there, but have no clue if it could be related, diabetes?

  11. My cardiac arrhythmia cardiologist informed me that my chronic pancreatitis is the cause of my heart palpitations, high blood pressure & fast heart beat. He said if I’m unable to better control my pancreatitis attacks, it will lead to me having a heart attack. There is no cure for pancreatitis. So, I’m screwed!

  12. MSG really is a Bear to deal with…\nBeware Hidden in Everything…\nEffects lot of things\nFrom rases to breathing, heart, tummy, moods etc… sleeping etc… energy… bunch stuff.

  13. Feel better soon

  14. Do you have a hiatal hernia?

  15. POTS. Having Celiac can be a cause.

  16. When I was pregnant, this happened anytime I ate sugar. I could see my heart beating from the outside. EKG was normal. \n\nA friend had this happen with meals. He had subconscious anxiety about food to the point of a panic attack, but he didn’t consciously recognize why it was happening. He went to a psychiatrist and it subsided quickly.

  17. It could be a vitamin deficiency causing that as well

  18. Maybe electrolyte imbalance. Try drinking a pedialyte

  19. I have a heart issue called SVT I get an episode every time I eat or bend over, and when I don’t get enough potassium, get heart check from doctor

  20. Look up vagus nerve. 🙂

  21. Prayers. ..

  22. Maybe you have a autoimmune issue Lyme disease etc.. hope it goes away!

  23. Electrolytes?

  24. It sounds pretty serious so I’m not trying to be rude in anyway but we are not doctors and if you ever have any serious medical questions or symptoms go to your doctors to help. Everyone has different things to say so it’s not giving you a good answer. Your doctor is always there to help.

  25. I hope you get it figured out soon and you are alright

  26. Try to eat lov GI Carbs first together with protein in the meal and high Carbs in the end og the meal. F.eks fish broccoli and sweetpotatos. Protein in fish first then brokkoli That is so good for the bloodsugar and eat the high GI Carbs like sweetpotatos at last. Its not Just People with diabetes That have to do this.

  27. Its Worth to try IT out.. IT has helped me alot with my reactions after meals

  28. Please seek out a physician to take this seriously

  29. Acid reflux

  30. It’s awful when you have no idea what is going on.

  31. Thanks everyone! I will go to the doctor. I like to know what tests to ask for because my doctors always seem baffled by my conditions and symptoms. I research, ask and then tell them what tests I need. I basically do their job for them, lol. I appreciate all your input

  32. I have the EXACT same problem.I have spoken to doctors and they don’t know anything about this problem,they only want me to talk to a psychiatrist.You are the first person in this whole world to experience the exact problem that I have.I have gone gluten free for now,because it helps with the negativity.I feel a lot better with GF diet,however,the palpitations and symptoms of anxiety (butterflies in the stomach) still remain.For now,I am having small portions and exercise is helpful.Whatever the hell this problem is!!!!!Let me know if you find out,please.I am hypothyroid too!

  33. I have lots of allergies and this happens when I eat something I’m allergic to. I would get tested for all food allergies.

  34. I know this sounds strange but I was doing the same thing and I started eating smaller portions and it seemed to help. I was eating until I was full and I would start feeling them. Now I stop sooner and I dont feel them near as much. Still have them occasionally but not as bad. Sounds weird I know. But it helped me. I started eating smaller meals more times a day

  35. Check out Histamine Intolerance. It helped me.

  36. I don’t know why you might be having the heart palpitations but if you chug a bottle of water it should calm them down right away. That’s the first thing that they do with you when you go to the hospital with a high heart rate is pump you full of fluids to bring down a heart rate

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