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  1. 🙂 thanks, Joni.

  2. There's some really interesting information in that article – well worth a read. I asked a while ago how to work out the transferrin saturation % figure. The article tells you: You obtain the percentage of transferrin saturation by dividing serum iron by TIBC and multiplying by 100 percent. It's the proportion of these two numbers that is significant. You're looking for a normal range of 25-35%.

  3. Another comment that jumped out from the article was: "Supplementing with Vitamin C might be dangerous. Vitamin C binds with iron and moves it around where it might end in the heart muscle." Morley Robbins and MJ Hampstead what do you think about that comment please? "Moves it around". What's the mechanism here? The author's comment may be valid, but I prefer to know the science if it's the case.

  4. Suzannah White
    Any time the term "Vit C" is used OUTSIDE of MAG, the author is referring to Ascorbic Acid…

    Yes, it's very cornfusing, but that's the insanity of our twisted world… 😉

    A votre sante!

  5. I try and try but Can't give blood because my bp is too low-84/58. I am not diabetic. It is mold toxicity and detox pathways are shut down and have HLA DR genes as well.

  6. Donated my first unit last month. My iron went from 169 to 92 and my hemoglobin went from 14 to 13.2. I developed a headache about half way through it and felt yucky the rest of the weekend but I feel fine now.

  7. Any insight regarding the activated charcoal MJ Hampstead

  8. The times I have had large lab draws (14-16 vials) I feel wonderful!!

  9. Joni Knox
    Thanks for posting this… I've read this before, but you always learn something new:

    "any time there is a finding of Iron deficiency, you should look for Cancer…"

    I don't recall reading THAT before, but it makes PERFECT sense. More often than not, Iron SHOWS LOW in the Blood when it is being sequestered due to Infection and/or Inflammation! Two notable factoids:
    1) Excess, Unbound Iron CAUSES Inflammation… (And ALL Pathogens exist, replicate & THRIVE on an Iron Buffet…)
    2) Cancer is considered an "Inflammatory state!"

    I'm hoping MANY MAG-pies & MAG-nets will read this!


  10. Dee Roberts

  11. "…and much more." !

  12. How do we get rid of if the blood banks refuse you!? :/

  13. Keep looking until you find another source! I had to get a self employed travelling phlebotomist in for my sons blood draw for test recently and she said she would be willing to do a venesection blood draw for discarding.

  14. It depends on WHY they refused you:
    o low Hemoglobin?
    o low weight?
    o high blood pressure?
    o travel issues?
    o historical illness?

    Need more context…


  15. Yikes! I've only had a handful of periods over the last 14 years, but I've had 9 good bleeds after the birth of 7 children plus 2 miscarriages. I really need to save up some $$ and have my panels done.

  16. It does say
    "So, if anyone can't do EDTA or doesn't want to do EDTA, activated charcoal certainly appears to be an alternative.

  17. I increased my Epsom salts baths to twice a week last week and have had my period ever since, could this be why? I take a contraceptive pill that should stop them.

  18. I am a care giver for my X He has high serum Ferriten. at 800… finally got him to a blood doctor.. he has heart disease.. been weeks and still waiting for insurance to approve a hemeocromatosis test. no one has called.. I took him with me when I donated blood.. got him to donate blood.. tired of waiting but he needs more then just every 8 weeks.. He did suffer with very low blood pressure after. The medical doctors Make me so MAD..

  19. CFS (lymes and EBV) and weight. I don't show high iron so I couldn't get an MD to get on board either…

  20. My veins are to small so they can't draw blood for donation Help!

  21. Could this be part of the reason why after having my kids, before my period returning, my thyroid and auto immune symptoms come back full force and kick my butt? Lol

  22. Does excess iron cause dark circles under eyes, if the person gets adequate sleep (ruling out lack of sleep as the cause)?

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  24. This is interesting but it doesn't apply to me. I have low iron but I have Hashimotos, hypoglycaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, PCOS, and fibromyalgia

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  26. The full body iron test checklist is needed to see body iron levels right, not just the blood iron levels? I read an earlier comment that said they can be gotten wholesale.

    What extent is iron required by RBCs? Is it 100% required by them? I have read that in infants and neonates the blood they have is filled with nuclei, and mitochondria. They are called normoblasts and are the immediate blood stem cell of RBCs. With an abundance of mitochondria, a cell like a normoblast can be supported without the use of glucose, but I don't know if that cell type's function is as heavily dependent if at all on iron.

    Regardless, after a blood donation or blood loss to purge from a body burden of iron, what foods are best to replenish RBCs without also reelevating body iron concentrations? Or basically; what do we need to eat to make blood?

  27. age spots= "bronze skin pigmentation "??

  28. I've never had excess iron and I am hypothyroid, have arthritis, heart arrhythmia. I've always been on the low side to anaemic.

  29. Gwen… Morleys video on The Root Cause Protocol. Low Iron is "Anaemia of inflammation" and you are probably Iron Dysregulated…i.e. toxic and deficient at the same time.

  30. These are the recommended blood tests to go along with the HTMA

  31. Oh god. Everything is dangerous. It's crazy.

  32. Pretty scary people still think there anemic from low iron …

  33. I had the Mirena Coil which stopped my menstrual cycle, I have hip bursitis – could this be the cause of my chronic inflammation. I had it removed last week btw, would giving blood help me get rid of excess iron. I haven't had a period for about 4 years , these should start again soon?

  34. Hmm I managed to reduce mine without bleeding? Or donating

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