Experience with the RBTI urine/saliva test?


Anyone have experience with the RBTI urine/saliva test? The naturopath Doctor I saw today said I am calcium deficient, not magnesium. I swear it should have been opposite. He also wanted to give me vitamin D! How accurate are these tests? Help!

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  1. i did at my ALS clinic they rely on them

  2. Have you had the HTMA?

  3. I know RBTI well and the foundation of Reams philosophy is calcium..

  4. Time for a new naturopath.

  5. Seems to be a lot of posts recently re pro calcium. Doing Morleys HTMA and blood Iron Profile will inform you of your calcium status. Adding more calcium to an already unbalanced level and wrong ratio with other minerals can be adding fuel to the fire. Morley says "Vit D is a powerful hormone that we are designed to make, not eat. Vit D needs to be in balance with Vit A…." did your naturopath tell you that? ….."Vit D deficiency = Magnesium deficiency…and it is magnesiums job to manage calcium levels….using synthetic supplements decreases magnesium levels even further…." We all make individualised informed decisions based on what we read/research. There is no one size fits all, weigh up as much of the risks and benefits before making your decisions.

  6. RBTI is a very sound approach to healing and Reams had great success. As for Vit D.. He actually was one of the first to figure out the D and A connecting. In RBTI you rarely take Vit D, but when you do it's supplemented together with Vit A. With all of this being said, I did the RBTI protocol to the tee for three years and while it helped something's it didn't change my chronically poor health which turned out to be very high iron.. I guess the proof is always in the pudding!!

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