Experiences with Trader Joe’s GF products?


What is everyone’s experiences with Trader Joe’s GF products? For some reason I’m too scared to try. I feel like they really don’t have that many GF items at the one I shop at in New Hampshire.

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  1. They will give you a list of all of their gluten free items. They actually have a lot

  2. Can’t help much with your question, but hello from the other side of the state.

  3. Be careful with Trader Joe’s. I shop there but only buy naturally gluten free items like bananas, etc.

  4. Their bread is the only one that doesn’t make me sick

  5. been there once – had just moved to louisville and they gave us the tour, customer service beyond any other company ever. got to even try items – they opened them up right there. didn’t get sick from anything.

  6. When you walk in you can go up to the counter and ask them for a list of gf items they have.

  7. Hi, I’m from New Hampshire too…I find that because Trader Joe’s is originally out of California , and California and Oregon is VERY. Into including gluten free foods in almost every restaurant and store….their food is actually more dependable! I haven’t had a reaction to any food from their and it is one of my favorite places to grocery shop! ? they will give you a list…which one do you shop at? I shop Portsmouth…but have been known to drive way out to Nashua….honestly, my day to day shopping is at hannaford though….my daughter Whole Foods is a nice experience for gluten free foods….I’ve haven’t went there though! I can’t wait till nh is on board with the gluten free fad!!!

  8. They take celiac.. GF Seriously.. They won’t give the GF to any product unless it is certified… I but there cereal bars bread bagels and bake goods I am highly sensitive never had a problem

  9. I buy their bread, brownie mix, pancake mix, & muffin mix. All have been safe for me.

  10. try their cauliflower pizza crust- awesome- no cauliflower taste

  11. Aldi’s is owned by the same company.

  12. Always read the labels, but I will say I love Trader Joe’s and do trust their products !

  13. I love Trader Joe’s products and have never had a problem! I am about an hour and thirty from one in all directions (got to love VT) and stop anytime I have the chance. I also find the prices to be the best for GF products like mixes, flours, nuts etc.

  14. I will eat the certified GF stuff they have, but if its a product that isn’t certified I won’t even bother to do the legwork to see if it could possibly be okay, because they repackage and there’s a whole other layer of potential miscommunication. Like, a plain can of TJ’s tomato paste, that I call about, they have to look through stuff from the people who made the paste, like Hunt’s or whatever, not just check their own manufacturing.

  15. You go to their Newington location? They have gluten free bread and bagels there, and some other stuff. 🙂

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