Experimental drug for 30 days.


I had my 2nd Electrophysiology study yesterday that showed inappropriate tachycardia.

This form of tachycardia (at least for me) is immune to medications. So, my doctor (my 2nd electrophysiologist) is putting me on an experimental drug for 30 days. If no result I will be getting a pacemaker.

Does anyone else have a similar story?

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  1. I’ve had tachycardia for decades. No doctor ever paid any attention to it until recently. Now they tell me I have mitral valve regurgitation. Related? Who knows.

  2. I don’t know if it’s related to Hashis or not. I just know I’ve seen lots of tachy posts so I thought I’d share.
    I’ve been dealing with this for about 11 years.

  3. I’ve worn a monitor for approx. 3 times, lost count. Tachycardia was caught, I had other symptoms going on. It was an electrical problem. I had an Ablation (SVT). Then another time A- fib when I had pneumonia. Another time, A-fib. I’m on med. The last time I wore a monitor, Early beats (PVC’s )were found. Tried a med. for that and couldn’t tolerate it. <3.

  4. I have SVT as well. Since I have what was diagnosed as inappropriate tachycardia the ablation wasn’t performed.

  5. Jennifer, what are you thyroid labs and the ranges, I had all of these and they change when I am optimal on my thyroid meds.

  6. My thyroid labs are all in range. I just had blood work done last month.

  7. In range doesn’t mean optimal, you may have a high normal free t4 and a low normal free t.

  8. Everything was checked and it’s all good. It’s optimal, sorry I didn’t use the correct wording. My thyroid labs were great.

  9. That’s how it started for me. I thought I was having a heart attack at 28. Went to ER 16 times in one month! True story! No one could tell me what was wrong. That was many years ago. I even walk around with a pacemaker for a week and all I was told that I did have an irregular heart beat. And the stupid cardiologist told me that it was because I was Hispanic! The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Anyways, I stopped eating gluten and it went away.

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