Extra sodium make anyone else super bloated?


Does the extra sodium make anyone else super bloated? I don’t eat gluten or grains or sugar so not sure what else would be causing it?

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  1. Yes I'm now super bloated everyday. My natural dr told me its bc our body probably doesn't need extra sodium hence the reaction :/

  2. No. Your Dr. doesn't understand that Mg lowers sodium. Increase your potassium intake from foods and see if it subsides.

  3. Not everyone does need additional sodium. If you are a fast metabolizer as shown on your htma.

  4. Slow metabolizer..but I do salt EVERYTHING. Wondering if I should skip the potassium supplement I've started. HTMA showed low potassium

  5. Having sufficient potassium will help avoid water retention.

  6. Do you mix fruits with other kinds of food? Or mixing fruits and nuts?

  7. I have had this problem and have asked the question here before because I want to know the science behind the WHY here. I've never found an answer. The adrenal cocktail makes me bloated. Potassium supplements make me bloated. Salt – not so much, but it was recommended that I get a lot more salt so I was taking some extra all day long – Not as bad, but still bloated. And yes, I tried Real Salt, Celtic grey, and Himalayan. Potassium definitely seemed to be worse than salt. I cannot find the answer. My Na:K ratio was pretty good, but they were both very low. I'm pretty frustrated with the issue. This has been going on for MONTHS.

  8. My Na/K ratio is pretty LOW at 1.25. K is at 4 and Na is at 5 so both pretty low. That's why I was supplementing…but ugh. The bloat. Also. So. Tired.

  9. I know. It's so frustrating. I can go up 3 lbs overnight. I cannot find the answer and keep hoping that it will balance out as I continue to work on everything else, but I'm so over it.

  10. Fiber in veggies, like in kale!

  11. Does what, Daisy Daniels? Thanks.

  12. I used to have constant fatigue and poor electrolyte balance (always bloated, but also low on sodium) L-Taurine helps balance your sodium and potassium. ️

  13. Are you getting enough water?

  14. No carbs?

  15. Probiotics bloat me also but it takes a while….SIBO

  16. salt holds water in the tissues

  17. I put less salt in my adrenal cocktail for water retention reasons. I eat salt from other sources like my mix raw seeds I add salt to it. Also salt is used on from the I food is eat. The extra salt from the adrenal cocktail is to much. Just adjust according to your needs.

  18. Tiny bit of salt and I'm like Michelin tire man

  19. I have an issue with bloating and lately it's been horrible…I have put 6lbs on …I believe certain foods are doing it plus hormones …maybe hormonal imbalance also for me. My Gall Bladder was removed and I'm sure this is another big part of the issue…can't stand it I hear peppermint can help as in peppermint tea, eat small meals more frequently thru the day and don't drink while eating to name a few but I'm still looking for something to really help

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