Extremely tired, low motivation and argumentative


This is cross posted; because I’m at my wits end.
My son is 15 and extremely tired, low motivation and argumentative. We homeschool and I’m ready to send him off to a camp. He’s been like this his whole life; except for the tiredness and motivation. He came off concerta (ADHD) in May and is still on Lexapro. He has been diagnosed with PDD, anxiety and ADHD.

The mag has helped calm him down though sometimes he’s still explosive. I can’t decide if its the mag that is making him tired or if we need to be adding or decreasing other supplements.He has a HTMA and has been supplementing with vitamin C, Jigsaw (3 a day), CLO and taurine. I can’t get him to take bee pollen. Oh yah, he’s also extremely picky with food. I have a few books that I could look stuff up, but just need to be pointed in the right direction. I had a consult with Morley and he has high unbound copper that we are working on, but I know there has to be something else wrong. I’m also looking into enzymes to help autistic kids. He’s not autistic, but has some tendencies. Help!

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  1. Sounds just like thyroid. My son was the same and we finally insisted on a full thyroid panel, with antibodies and sure enough he has Hashimotos. I would suggest reading Stop The Thyroid Madness and have a full panel run.

  2. Yes I am thinking thyroid also. This is a great resource and read her story and her sons:
    Healing Solutions For Thyroid

  3. Someone just Pm'd me about this book. Oh my word! I can't even imagine getting my son to follow that protocol. It is very overwhelming! Why can't it be just a magnesium deficiency? This is craziness, I'm off to start drinking the vodka that is reserved for my mag-ahol.

  4. {{hugs}}

  5. John Gray has a good website (the Mars Venus guy)… He says violent tendencies are LEAD poisoning… other heavy metals affect personality in many ways… His site could be of help!! I love his videos on ADHD, etc…

  6. Has he been tested for Pyrroluria? My kids need high doses of Zinc and B6 to stay calm

  7. Is he taking a B complex with the mag?

  8. Lots of good suggestions. 15 years ago I would have gladly sent my moody, picky eating teen son to the moon just to get away from him. So hang in there and survive. Take good care of yourself first, then do what you can. Hugs

    (I really, really don't like teenagers, still, but they turn out good!)

  9. There is a lot of info online too for what supplements are good for ADHD. I'm taking most of them now for hypothyroidism but ADHD is sometimes a side effect also. If I find the post I recently saw them listed I will post it here. Btw, I take Vyvanse and I think it's the best. Initially it was for kids.

  10. Vickie Sutton–my area of expertise in PHysical Therapy was anything neuro, especially brain and pathologies in geriatrics. 1st—a brain isn't fully developed until around age 25 yrs—that's the executive part of the brain the frontal lobes and neocortex. Putting a drug on a developing brain does not makes sense, it changes the brain and gawd knows what else. 2nd—I bet he is gifted and his mind races so fast he "doesn't catch or process" the information properly (and probably won't on toxic meds)—3rd caffeine is good for this type of brain and how he learns 4th the brain learns best in the vertical position, not laying down in the horizontal 5th Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine has worked with kiddos and has great techniques that he can do on himself–once he begins nurturing his energy system, it will wake up, remind itself what to do, and then his body will want it. He is also probably homolateral if he is on an antidepressant—that means the (R) and (L) side of the brain don't talk together well. Neurologically, West Med is far behind what Traditional Chinese Medicine does for these situations. Investigate the biochemical aspect, Mag, adrenals, etc. and in conjunction, go to Eden Energy Medicine and try and find a practitioner in your area to see him. I can give you some beginning techniques, but seeing a person that can also do the energy testing is the best way to have the holistic approach. If you decide to take him off the meds, go very slowly—ask your doc, a pharmacist, someone you trust and then take him to a Naturopath or Functional Med. doc (they are MDs and covered by insurance most of the time) for an assessment nutritionally. First, we are Energy, then we are Matter, i.e., whatever the "matter" may be—a tree, a stone, a house, a dog or a person—energy is ALWAYS first—-I learned that from my PT patients with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord lesions. PM me if you have any questions. Don't forget, he is a teen!! Blessings to you both! 🙂

  11. I don't know if low dose naltrexone (LDN) will help Add or ADHD. Google it. It's great stuff to help lots of illnesses. Good luck!

  12. Omega-3 Fish Oil, Zinc, Melatonin, Folate, B-12,

  13. lowdosenaltrexone.org

  14. Vickie Sutton—-I'd certainly encourage you to look into the Gut-Brain Axis, or Gut Psychology Syndrome—brain function and neuron firing has so much to do with the GI Tract—so different that what I learned all those years ago! 🙂

  15. Vickie Sutton—Functional med doc, Naturopath, holistic nutritionist in addition with energy work—a complimentary holistic approach. 🙂

  16. If he's picky with his food (and craves certain things) then this can be an indicator of a food intolerance, and/or gut dysbiosis. Have you considered going gluten/grain- and dairy-free to see how that affects his mood/behaviour? Definitely look into GAPs as per Candace's suggestion.

  17. He's depressed .

  18. Try fish oil

  19. Staph infection?

  20. Get him on a very strong probiotic.


    Have his thyroid checked first of all. many adhd children have a thyroid disfunction. Find a good professionnal for those tests who will ask for Ths, t3 t4 and antibodies (Hashimoto). Then, go for a specific diet such as paleo or even the Gaps diet (from Natasha Campbell ) Here is a post about the link between thyroid and adhd and many very interesting other informations on hypothyroid such as food, roots of the deseas, auto immunity….http://hypothyroidmom.com/hypothyroidism-addadhd-what-you-must-know-as-a-parent-to-protect-your-child/

  21. we made the BEST GAINS with DIET!! I talked my son into strict diet because his anxiety was awful… and very depressed… Food was essential to helping him.. LOADS of veggies.. no grains for a while (especially wheat and gluten)… no sugar or dairy… these foods are ALL inflammatory and must be taken out to heal.. it was a game changer.. seek an anti-inflammatory diet.

  22. Vickie Sutton…your challenges sound very similar to our own. My son, now 18, had very similar symptoms. Check out the symptoms or Pyroluria and take the self test included in this article. With that particular list of symptoms, together with a positive result for high unbound copper, I'd definitely look into Pyroluria as well as Methylation challenges.

    When we theorized my son had Pyroluria, we booked him right into Dr. Mensah's clinic, where they specialize in cases like this. Best thing that we've ever done! After 18 years, my son is finally beginning to have the life we knew he was supposed to have! The changes have been phenomenal! His mood swings, anxiety, depression, OCD, seizures, and sleep disorder (Klein Levin Syndrome ) have all abated, and he's the funny, social, laid back kid we always knew was in there!!!!


  23. If there really is a true bio chemical imbalance, a supplement regiment would need to be very specifically engineered to meet his exact needs.

  24. I would also like to recommend the GAPS diet, I found the book a really good easy read.

  25. that article about Pyroluria is very interesting and later talks about copper…I would definitely look into that

  26. As my son detoxed the copper, his bigger issues began resolving!

  27. Have you looked at his hydration, it is critical for a balanced brain and so often overlooked? Avoid purified waters as they normally contain no minerals especially if magnesium appears to help.

  28. What's his diet like? I wonder if he's regularly consuming anything that's a trigger food for him.

    It's also possible that the copper is behind most of the problems, and it will all clear up in a few weeks or months with the supplements.

    And there's the whole "autism spectrum"- kids don't have to be non-verbal and seriously disabled to have some form of autism, or to benefit from the kinds of nutritional changes that tend to help autism. I have a 19 year old who's always been "quirky" and was sort-of diagnosed with ADD as a child, and she's been doing lots of online research and now thinks she's on the spectrum too (I didn't pursue diagnosis when she was a child because I was afraid it would limit her and/or cause problems with school.)

  29. Here is a link to find a Dr for thyroid tests

  30. I was going to suggest trying a Walsh trained practitioner too. Mensah is the big one associated with Walsh, but Dr. Charles Parker is Walsh trained and has worked w/him too. He's also trained and worked with the ADHD doc, Amen. He has a website that offers a lot of info for doing some digging on your own too.

  31. I have twin brothers w/extreme situations, older and in & out of homelessness, diagnosed very young but never have been able to get on top of it. Old school thinking (meds) served them not so well as they got older, I'm afraid. Plenty of docs, but none educated in the ways we know helpful in today's world. Lots of good advice above from others worth considering. Your child is lucky to have you looking out for him. The road can be complex and challenging, but with family fighting to educate, there is always hope.

  32. Has he ever been tested for Lyme? Sounds like he has some of the symptoms. If he's outdoors a lot, could be a possibility.

  33. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I made a huge list to research and feed my OCD personality. 🙂

  34. Read earlier today (here) that mag Malate can boost energy..

  35. At the risk of sounding too basic – increased protein in the diet (i.e. more meat and eggs) as well as a good dose of healthy fats (i.e. grass fed butter, coconut oil) should help a lot.

    There is a supplement that Dr. Julia Ross recommends (author of "The Mood Cure") called "True Focus" by NOW vitamins which should also help him.

    Upping vitamin d3 should improve mood quite a bit as well.

  36. My daily goal is to get more protein in him with every meal: especially at breakfast and good fats. He doesn't like eggs, I've resorted to hamburger for am on some days. I have that book, I'll check into that supplement. Yesterday, he was in a better mood and energy. My husband bought cereal ( which we never buy) and I slipped 4 granules of bee pollen in. I'm not sure if it was a fluke, but going to try again. I also made a creamy chai tea with grass fed butter. That I for him to drink some. All this stuff is usually a battle.

  37. Baby steps, awesome!

  38. Will he eat bacon? Good quality bacon can be healthy. Or raw jersey milk unless yur DF

  39. Eggs and hamburger I would avoid due to hormones and it's said that eggs can create thyroid nodules. Lean chicken and steak, hormone free with salad And or veggies with digestive enzymes.

  40. Eggs can create thyroid nodules? How? What ingredient in eggs would cause this?

  41. Any food can cause a problem for any person, but it is individual. Ideally sticking to organic can avoid some of the issues for some, but doing the elimination/provocation diet is a way you can uncover what is personal. Even keeping a journal that seeks out connections between food and brain (or other) symptoms can prove very useful.

  42. The best info I have learned was from the AUTISM ONE 2015 conference… the KLINGHARDT one….HEAD SPINNING from this info… he is EXCELLENT and BRILLIANT!!

  43. ^^^^ don't miss this… even if you start at the 34 minute mark… you will be HOOKED…I swear.

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