Fatigue, Weight Gain and Hashimoto’s Disease


Went to a new endo today. She said my fatigue and weight gain has nothing to do with my hashimotos. She said i just need to loose weight and gain muscle. When i told her i have no sex drive she said i just have to fake it. My tsh is very high so she wants to lower my levothyroxine. Felling more frustrated then ever. On to the next doctor i guess.

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  1. Fake it??? OMG

  2. That’s bizarre….

  3. If your tsh level is high ..why your doctor wants to decrease hormone dose ? It is such unbelievable 🙁 maybe you need to change medicine to Novothyral . it is combination of T3 and T4. I am taking every day this pill and I have an energy and again start to live my life .

  4. Find another dr who gets it. Fatigue and weight gain is a major issue even when on Levo and dieting. I actually sent my last dr the book The Root Cause. Needless to say i dont see her anymore. She had the nerve to tell me that i had to face the fact that i wasnt as young as i once was and that was why i was so tired.

  5. NHS system and education level of endos here are horrible. I have a good endo in Poland and he is prescribing a lot of supplements.

  6. HAHA! I had an endo tell me that as soon as I stopped worrying about losing weight that the weight would just FALL OFF! I told her I just dropped a LOT of weight by firing her!!

  7. Wow… just wow. (smh)

  8. Seriously, she said you just have to fake it? Did you ask if she fakes it with her husband? Omg.

  9. Wow! What a terrible bedside manner. Find a new doc!

  10. Ugh makes me not looking forward to my first endo appt in 2 weeks!

  11. Yes! Move on! My libido was down the tubes and my ob/gyn prescribed me testosterone…..the injectable type. I did that for a while with little change. Surprisingly, my endo mentioned DHEA 50mg and it has seemed to have helped. I’m not really sure though, because right around the time I started taking it, I also began walking, and walking some more, changed my diet up and lost weight/gained muscle. To be honest, my primary care doctor helps me with my levo way more than the endo. My primary care actually listens to me when I saw I don’t feel optimal. Maybe you can find a good primary care to help who’ll listen? I keep my endo around so he can monitor my nodules….that’s about it.

  12. Wow. That is horrible! My doc diagnosed me and didn’t address many of my concerns just said to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and test my thyroid once a year. Thanks for nothing… I’m looking for a wellness plan not just a diagnosis

  13. Sara Ignash Jay it’s time to find another doctor.

  14. As a 57 year old, with a hubby that’s has his own problems, sex really isn’t that important, we been together for 40 years! all you kids will learn that as ya all age together ..but if your guy is healthy and ready to rumble..and you are too, fuck that literally and figuratively..lol

  15. I can relate. 🙁 Good luck in your search for a new doctor

  16. Don’t give up! Keep looking, there are good ones out there!

  17. I had a doctor tell me, \

  18. She said to fake it. Wow…I just…smh

  19. OMG … the doctors everywhere are a-holes. I also am tired, chilly and have internal gut issues. I can feel the pain in my thyroid and know the antibodies are high. My doc and I placed a wager on it. He lost. That said, the only way to heal is to find a functional doctor. Other than synthetic thyroid hormone replacement, they have nothing else in their arsenal. \n\nI can’t believe He or She told you to fake it. You should have asked if He or She was faking being a doctor. 😛

  20. Yep Endo told me the same thing!!! Not the fake it bit though.

  21. Doctors have no clue I swear. I’ve only found one endo that was encouraging and informed. I miss him. Dr Diaz in bryan ohio.

  22. Run to a new doctor. Get away from endos.

  23. You sound to me like your estrogen is low tell you gynaecologist that you have no sex drive they should run a hormone panel

  24. “Conventional medicine is excellent at diagnosing disease, but where it fails miserably is in the treatment approaches.
    It typically focuses on treating the symptoms, not the root cause, and it does so using toxic drugs that frequently cause problems that are more dangerous than the original complaint.” http://articles.mercola.com/…/2015/08/24/game-changer.aspx
    Is very hard, almost impossible, or very expensive ( integrative drs ) to find a great dr.
    The best way is educate, research and try to educate the dr you have if is possible or demand what you need. Is possible to make almost any dr ( if they are open minded and want to help ) to be in your team.
    Learn to ask questions, demand answers and do not take any BS.
    It does not come easy to politley tell your dr to give you research on the BS he/she tells you cause you would like to study it . Knowledge is power. Is your health your life!

  25. I’ve found promising treatments with a naturopathic doc. Gave up my endo.

  26. My podiatrist confirmed what I learnt on this page – that people with hashis are more prone to plantar fasciitis, which I’m currently trying to heal. I told my doctor this and he said ‘yes, because of extra weight’, and I was like, no, please speak the podiatrist.

  27. Have you ever tried iodine drops? If they work, the difference is almost immediate.
    It has really helped me.

  28. Need new Dr.

  29. You’re not alone. I’m beginning to wonder why anyone likes sex, or ever has, or ever would want to. It seems like a big waste of time! I feel like I’ve NEVER had sex drive! Thanks, Hashimoto’s! 🙁

  30. do you take iodine topically or by mouth?

  31. “JUST FAKE IT” what an idiot!!!

  32. Ridiculous!

  33. My Rheumatologist helped me more than my Endo. Im sorry 🙁 even educated people are idiots. I had no vitamin d or b in my body. Try getting that checked.

  34. If you are open to it, i recommend someone with a functional background. None of the 3 endocrinologists i worked with were helpful (there are good ones, i just didnt find them). From the people i have worked with, my own experience and success stories – functional doctors, integrative doctors, DO doctors have been the most helpful and knowledgeable of the latest research on autoimmune diseases. They are also the ones most willing to consider what you learn from the internet. More and more is being discovered very quickly and a doctor willing to change as quickly as the research is likely to help you see progress quicker!!!

  35. Forget endocrinologists. Find a functional medicine doctor.

  36. You need a new doctor 😀

  37. So frustrating! I completely understand the way you’re feeling. Instead of fake it I got “maybe you need a marriage counselor?”

  38. Shes wrong. Sorry but i dont think that doc knows wat shes talking about

  39. I take vitamin D3 every morning…..this helps with my mood and energy levels. Lately, I’ve had a really good look at my diet. Try gluten free. i think we have to eat healthily as well as take meds. Meds alone, I feel, is not enough. Just my experience.

  40. Don’t worry about the sex drive right now. You need to focus on feeling better. Fatigue and weight gain has a lot to do with hashimotos. Most people with hashimotos need to be gluten free. It’s not easy but I’ve been gf for 4 yrs now and it does help. Another thing that helps me is lifting weights. For me it helps my weight, mood, and sex drive. Start off small with 8-10 lb hand weights. Hope it helps!

  41. TIME FOR A NEW ENDO!!! My endo is fantastic but she is on Long Island NY

  42. Pfft if u gotta fake it just forget it! I think u nd a new dr!

  43. Oh oh oh! She should turn in her medical license.

  44. Get a new doc

  45. SMH about the fake it. Yep, time to move on! Lucky me….I have an awesome endo! He listens and tries to help me.

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