Feedback on Berkey. Zero or suggest something else?


I am looking for a water filter system for drinking water to avoid the public water chemicals. I am considering a Berkey or a zero water pitcher. Can anyone give me some feedback on berkey. Zero ,or suggest something else? Also need info on a good source of minerals to add back in.
I am looking for something that is portable for a large family of 9 people.

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  1. It's the 6 gallon one. The crown maybe?

  2. I am looking for a good filter system also. I have heard reverse osmosis is not good. It doesn't hydrate you! I am looking at Berkey water also plus ceramic filter

  3. I have a zero filter system (I fill with tap water and put in fridge, 1 gal I think?) and have been using it for years, I absolutely love it, highly recommend it!

  4. This is interesting. Looking forward to checking out these links

  5. Did I hear something recently about the Berkey fluoride filters not actually removing fluoride?

  6. I also read that Berkey does not filter all fluoride from water. Who do you believe?

  7. Friends of water. Small business online, great people. Do not waste your money on a berkey unless you want a back up system that doesn't use electricity. In that case it's fine.

  8. I use an Ultrastream from Alkaway. It removes everything and ionises and alkalises. It's not expensive.

  9. Berkey has an extra filter to remove flouride. rO water takes out everything so u need to replace trace minerals if u do that.

  10. This one was featured on the recent Truth About Cancer series.

  11. zero water 5 stage filter go the best reviews for counter top. All the rest actually raised alluminum content.

  12. I have a norwex desktop filter. it wasn't available when the testing was done, but it has a four stage filter, and claims to balance the minerals. i like it. I trust norwex. some really great products.

  13. Joseph Younan Irini Faltaous

  14. I have a zero water pitcher I love it

  15. We have a berkey. Love it. Tremendous difference in taste after filtering tap water. We have the second largest size for a family of 4 (I think like 4.25 gallons?). We refill E ery other day. Love that we can easily take it with us when we move.

  16. I read something that collateral the counter top filters. Zero rated best by far. I was glad because that's the one I was using.

  17. There is a brand new system coming out (I have ordered 2 of them) that not only removes far more toxins (to include glyphosate and rx drugs, fluoride and cesium but is cheap, takes very little electricity and sits on your counter top.

    Please know I HAVE NO FINANCIAL GAIN in this company, I have just done a lot of research into water filters.

  18. According to Natural News food labs, this unit far surpasses other commercial water filters and ro systems. It's fast and it's portable.

  19. Patrick does it filter out bacteria such as ecoli please?

  20. I have a Zero water filter & while it does taste clean and tests clean my water was killing the filter by the 4th day. I can't afford 2 filters a week that is ridiculous!

  21. I love my Berkey

  22. love my Berkey

  23. I tried the Santevia when it was served at a restaurant and loved it. It has a 4 stage filter that adds minerals to the water at one stage. There is also one that is similar to a Brita by the same company. I'm not sure if it filters fluoride.

    4 Gallon Countertop Water Filter – Transform Tap Water to Premium Alkaline Mineral Drinking Water

  24. I want one that also removes fluoride!

  25. This is one I got earlier this year. Like a brita, but better

  26. Yeah, Brita won't remove fluoride. They have water bottles that will but they are about $80. Triple osmosis is the way to go.

  27. Following…. MJ Hampstead? Morley??

  28. If you look search under this group there was a thread about the Berkley and fluoride just recently. It showed that that does not filter as well as they claim for fluoride.

  29. I just bought dr young water filter system. Haven't installed it yet as we have a spray spout. Hope this is a good one. Anyone know about it?

  30. I have a Purifiers Australia water purifier. I believe they are Seagull and made in the US

  31. I was wondering about Berkey as my daughter seemed quite irritable after we started on it (we hv the flouride filters as well). She already has a fairly high level of aluminum.

    I emailed the company to ask what their filters were made of, and this was their reply:
    The Black Berkey elements are made up of a coconut shell carbon, as well as 5 proprietary materials. The casing of the Fluoride filters are made up of Polypropylene, and the media inside of the filter is an Activated Alumina. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have.

    Anyone knows if activated alumina is aluminum ???

  32. We have a Berkey with fluoride filters. I love it!! Thanks to someone mentioning to look up the water report, i have discovered we have great water in my little village with zero added flouride. So thrilled. Thx for whoever mentioned it. I dont need to further invest in the flouride filters.

  33. Berkeys the best! Well worth the investment. I've been using it for three years now.

  34. I was so excited when I ordered my Berkey…but not so sure now bwcause of the aluminum???

  35. I used to use a Brita home filter, which would remove a lot of the chlorine and basic agrochemical residues, but it doesn't remove fluoride. Luckily, Calgary stopped adding fluoride to the public water supply in 2011.

  36. Do you want the truth? I used to do water testing across the country. There are many water filter products on the market at many different prices. To shop for a good filter, you need to know what a filter factually removes, and it's costs. Ideally, you want water that has been filtered via a Reverse Osmosis process that removes chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and viruses. Oh, and don't go in of all that "Alkaline" water CRAP! Just put a little unprocessed salt (Real Salt by Redmond) in your filtered water to get the same health effects.

  37. For those of you using the zero do you have to add the trace minerals back in? If so what's the ratio? I have the mega capacity one I've had for months & I love it.

  38. I haven't yet either but I have some real salt and some Hawaiian red & black I thought about putting a TINY amount in

  39. Distilled water. Won't deplete organic minerals.

  40. i don't yet know if they are both talking about hte same thing.

  41. makes more sense to just NOT put flouride, or more likely that flourosalisilic acid or whatever, into the water in the first place. people who think adding flouride to drinking water, have been drinking too much flouride i guess.

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